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CO2 Extracted Oils

Amaranth Seed CO2 Arnica CO2 Calendula Select CO2
Calendula Total CO2 Helio Carrot CO2 German Chamomile CO2
Coriander CO2 Sweet Fennel CO2 Frankincense CO2
Galbanum CO2 Ginger Root CO2 Hops CO2
Lavender CO2 Linden Blossom CO2 Myrrh CO2
Nutmeg CO2 Pomegranate Seed CO2 Rosa Alba (White Rose CO2)
Rose Hip CO2 Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Vanilla Bourbon CO2



Amaranth Seed CO2 - European anti-aging secret.

Amaranthus caudatus – Seed, Co2 Extracted, Organic from Germany,

We’ve had several requests from European clients to carry Amaranth Seed CO2 in the past year or so.  The Amaranth plant itself has been cultivated and used since ancient times and was considered sacred by the Incas and Aztecs.  While it is not as well known in the United States, it is widely used and praised internationally for skincare.  If you love the effects of our Pomegranate CO2, then Amaranth Seed CO2 is definitely worth exploring!  Please note the Amaranth is not nearly as thick as our Pomegranate extract. It is very light and absorbs amazingly quickly. 

Rich in polyunsaturated fats, it is an excellent preventative for sagging, aging skin, and mature skin, as well as dry, irritated, itchy skin caused by harsh winter weather.  (Perhaps this is why it is SO popular in Russia, with their long, extremely cold winters.)  It can be added without heating to any skincare remedy, such as facial or hand lotions, liquid castile soap, or unscented shower gel.  (I’m thinking I would like to try it with our unscented Bliss Bath for chapped winter skin.) 

 Amaranth is light yellow in color, with a slightly fruity/earthy aroma. (Think a VERY faint scent of fresh from the garden beets.)  Thought to limit the loss of water from the skin, (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss reduction), rich in Omega 6, and naturally occurring Squalane, making it an excellent moisturizer.

 Also known as “love-lies-bleeding,” plant, it was once used to stem the flow of blood from cuts and the oil itself is said to have wound healing properties, alongside anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory uses.  It can be left on the skin in a lotion or washed off if used as a component in a shower gel or soap.  A recommended dilution for use on skin would be somewhere between 3-10%. 

  Although it shines in skincare, it is reportedly helpful with alleviating stress and lifting emotional heaviness, lightly stimulating the senses.  We haven’t explored its emotional benefits just yet but will keep you posted once we do.


Amaranth Seed CO2 Extract

15 mls           $15.00


Arnica CO2 Extract

Extracted from the blossom of arnica montana standardized in Sunflower oil to give a predictable proportion of healing Sesquiterpene Lactones (SQLs). These are the ingredients that give Arnica its effects.

Traditionally oil infused with Arnica blossoms has been used for easing pain, swelling and inflammation caused by bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, rheumatic pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling due to fractures.  It is most frequently recommended for "soft tissue" pain - muscles and tendons.

Germany's Commission E has approved arnica for external use in treating injury and effects of accidents, inflammation of the mouth and throat area, and insect bites. It is DEFINITELY unsafe for internal use.

This extract of Arnica Montana should be used in very low dilutions, less than 1/2 of 1 percent in your favorite carrier oil, to ease the pain and swelling of the sort of injuries listed above.

See also our Arnica Massage Oil with our infused oils on our Carrier oil page.


ARNICA CO2 Extract
5 ml          $16.00



Calendula SELECT CO2

Calendula officianalis ORGANIC Egypt, CO2, flower

Known for millenia for its skin healing benefits, until just recently the only way to experience the herbal soothing of Calendula was to infuse the dried blossoms in olive oil, a slow process with always the chance of spoilage. The delicate calendula blossoms will not steam distill, and no one wants to use solvent extracted absolute in skincare or baby care products. Today, thanks to the discovery of the CO2 extraction process, we can offer you two more easily used forms of Calendula. Of the two, the SELECT is lighter in texture, closer to a traditional steam distilled oil, since the more volatile fractions are retained. You will find it easier to work with, easier to blend into carrier oils or lotions and creams.

not available

Calendula TOTAL CO2

Calendula officianalis ORGANIC France, CO2, flower

The CO2 Total of the Calendula blossom is much thicker and richer than the Select extraction since it contains the plant waxes and heavier phytochemicals. Like our German Chamomile CO2, it is difficult to work with. I find warming both the CO2 and the carrier oil I want to add it to be the most effective way of blending it into skincare products.

This CO2 extract of the soothing Calendula has been shown to be anti-inflammatory.  One research study indicated that the CO2 extract is as effective in reducing skin inflammation as the anti-inflammatory drug Indomethicin, a potent NSAID.

I have seen amazing success from the use of German Chamomile CO2 and Calendula CO2 in the healing of chronic skin ulcers.

A reminder. This CO2 Total extract is solid and will require extensive effort to dilute.  For guidance on diluting see this article.


Calendula Total

5 ml $16.00
15 ml $32.00



Radix Daucus Carota Germany, CO2 Extracted dried root

This CO2 extraction of the essence of dried carrot roots into pure Jojoba oil is extremely high in Betacarotine, and vitamins A and E. It is believed to be very beneficial to hair and skin.

Please note that this CO2 extraction is much more concentrated than many of the infused Carrot Root Oils available on the commercial market. The typical Safflower based infusion is meant to be used as the whole base oil in a formulation. This extract contains the CO2 extraction of 10 lbs of dried carrot root to every one lb of Jojoba, so a few drops of this rich essence would be the equivalent of ounces of infused oil.

Topical application of Helio Carrot oil is said by many skincare experts to promote the formation of new cells and stimulate the production of sebum in dry, scaly skin and scalp. Some authorities state that Carrot Root Extract is such a powerful anti-oxidant that it can help preserve the life of products containing it. It is also recommended by some to help prevent sun damage. Just a few drops of this enriching extract brings soothing to chapped and irritated skin. A must in formulas for aging or weathered skin. Please be aware that this extract, like many of the other Beta carotene rich extracts, is deep orange and will temporarily color your skin.

Helio Carrot

5 ml $9.00
15 ml $16.00



Matricaria chamomilla Germany, Org, CO2 Extracted

This German Chamomile, produced by the new High Pressure Carbon Dioxide method, is very different from the traditional steam distilled blue oil. Since CO2 distillation contains all the water soluble parts of the plant, the oil is much thicker, with specks of what appear to be plant matter in it. It also does not turn blue as expected. Picture a deep, dark green almost pasty texture. A difficult oil to work with, but well worth the trouble.

The CO2 extracted oil has even stronger anti-inflammatory qualities than the steam distilled EO, and has a more natural, fruity odor. I do know that it doesn't take over the scent of my skin care blends the way traditional Matricaria does. 

A must for treating Rosacea and/or couperose, an essential ingredient in our anti acne blend, also you might blend with French Lavender for treating sun and wind burn.

The extreme effectiveness of this CO2 extraction comes from its high level of matricin (the precursor of the deep blue chamazulene that gives the tradition steam distilled blue oils their efficacy.)  Research has shown that the matricin is far more active than the chamazulene.  This specific CO2 extract is also very high in the sesquiterpine alcohol Alpha-bisabolol, another powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

We have also had success treating skin ulcers that seemed to resist every other treatment, by diluting German Chamomile CO2 in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and applying several times daily.

Please note, this marvelously healing extract is difficult to work with. It is extraordinarily thick and viscous because of the plant waxes contained in the CO2 Total. To blend it in a carrier both the CO2 and the carrier oil must be heated to body temperature. We strongly recommend purchase of our 10% dilution, offered below, for your ease of use.

German Chamomile CO2

5 ml $18.00
15 ml $36.00



Matricaria chamomilla Spain, Org, CO2 Extracted

Our CO2 extracted German Chamomile in a 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil. We chose to dilute the Chamomile in Fractionated Coconut because this is our oil of choice for acne and other skin conditions which can be irritated by Jojoba. This is a superb all purpose remedy for irritated or inflamed skin from almost any cause.


German Chamomile CO2 10%

5 ml $8.00
15 ml $16.00



 Coriandrum sativum  CO2 Extracted in Germany, Ethically Farmed, seeds

I love the sweet/spicy scent of Coriander seed oil. To me, the scent is warm, welcoming and relaxing, although like the other spices it is normally listed as a stimulant.

Coriander can stimulate appetite, ease indigestion, and relieve neuralgia. It is useful as both an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, a gentle addition to rubs for aching muscles. It is more gently stimulating than most spice oils. Shirley Price recommends it in anti-flu blends, says that it is anti-bacterial. I think it would be a nice addition to a 'chest rub'. 

In early autumn I tend to blend it with orange for the lamp. It heralds the change of seasons for me. Coriander, Basil, Vetiver and Orange make a wonderful daytime perfume blend.

I've been putting this in a massage blend for my honey's aching back. Battaglia recommends Coriander oil for treating arthritis, gout, muscular aches and pains and rheumatism, as well as digestive disorders.

I often add a few drops to the aroma lamp, blended with some mandarine. In our house it relaxes and seems to remove irritation and snappishness. A wonderfully calming and soothing oil without sedating. Good at the end of a hard day.

Blends well with: All other spice oils, citrus oils, Cypress, Frankincense, Jasmine, Juniper, Petitgrain, Pine, Sandalwood


5 ml $12.00
15 ml $24.00



Boswellia carterii Somalia, resin, wild, CO2 Select extraction

Frankincense has traditionally been used for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to have a centering effect on the emotions. It can slow respiration, thus helping your body calm and center itself.

A great oil for asthma or chest congestion. Frankincense can act as an expectorant, soothing congestion while also relaxing breathing.

In skin care, Frankincense is a wonderful oil to blend into facial creams or oils for aging skin.   L'Oreal is currently using an extract of frankincense in at least one of their "anti-wrinkle" products.

This Frankincense has a delightfully sweet, sparkling aroma. I've found that it blends well with Orange and Neroli. It tends to 'soften' any sharply scented oil blended with it and seems to blend well with any of the woods, or spices. This is the finest Frankincense oil I have ever experienced, a true delight to the senses.

BLENDS WITH:  Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rose, Vetiver.


Frankincense CO2

5 ml $11.00
15 ml $22.00



Indian Frankincense CO2

Boswellia serrata, wild crafted in India CO2 extracted in Germany.  As I have said elsewhere, in our experience the CO2 extracts are closer to the aroma of the raw botanical than are the distilled oils.  A lovely aromatic specimen. 

We have been asked about the Boswellic acid content of our Frankincense CO2 extracts, since it is a wellknown fact that Boswellic Acid does not come through the process of distillation. Unfortunately, althought the Boswellia serrata resin itself does contain Boswellic Acid, the CO2 extract contains less than 1%.  It's contents are 80 - 85 % monoterpenes, alpha-thujene, alpha-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, p-cymene, limonene etc., sesquiterpenes, terpene alcohols and esters (incensol acetate) and less than 0.1 % boswellic acid.


Indian Frankincense CO2  (Boswellia serrata)
5 ml $12.00
15 ml $24.00


Ferula galbaniflus Iran, CO2 from resin, wildcrafted in Iran, extracted in Germany

Galbanum is an ancient aromatic substance. The author of Exodus named it as a component of incense to use in the temple. It was used by the Romans in ritual anointings for springtime. If you are planning any sort of ritual use of the oils for the Spring Equinox, I suspect this could be the one.

Galbanum's aroma is intriguing; very much a puzzlement, a reminder of an aroma remembered. My first impression was GREEN, vivid, in your face green, but not a leaf green. The mental image of fresh twigs, with buds waiting to burst into life seems right. My assistant decided it was the air of a green house, moist, rich with traces of living organisms, mosses, leaf mulch. It is complex and multi- layered, an oil I want to play with for blending.

I'm learning there are often physical links with the 'energetic' uses of the oils... as in this oil, used ritualistically for rebirth/ renewal is also wonderful for skin renewal Galbanum is highly recommended by Jeanne Rose for healing old scars, and for wrinkle removal.

One of my aromatherapy mentors says it sometimes has had some very strong emotional /psychic healing effects on some clients, especially in the area of childhood traumas and memories.

I have also seen it recommended in blends for easing the aches and pains of rheumatism, but it wouldn't be my first thought for this sort of blend.

Galbanum really an fascinating oil to work with, both for the aromatherapist and the perfumer. I'm tempted to try blending it with Lavender and or Geranium, or perhaps with some fir needle or Spruce, and with Carrot Seed and Rose Otto for mature skin care.

It is often described as a top note, and yet many sources recommend it as a fixative. I would tend to think of it as a very green middle to base note, for blending purposes.

WARNING: Margeurite Maury cautions to avoid using it on young skin. Galbanum is not normally an irritant or a sensitizer, but may be a cross sensitizer with Benzoin and/or Peru Balsam. Please avoid working with it while pregnant.


5 ml $12.00
15 ml $24.00


GINGER CO2 Extract

Zingiber Officinale extracted from fresh roots.   The most freshly scented Ginger oil ever.  In the past we discontinued the Ginger CO2 we had stocked because it was so intensely hot we didn't feel it was safe to use.  This total CO2 extract is delightful..warming, but not burning.   The producer especially recommends it as an antinausea agent, for morning sickness, motion sickness, or post surgical nausea.  We also use it in pain relief blends to stimulate circulation.    This is the Ginger extract most recommended for anti-nausea effects.



Ginger CO2
15 ml     $18.00


HOPS CO2 Extract

Humulus lupulus CO2 extracted from blossoms in Germany

We had a request for this extract so we imported it.  I've seen Hops extract highly recommended for use in deodorants or for foot-care products.  The  lipophilic ingredients, humulones and lupulones, are highly antibacterial (primarily against gram positive bacteria) which are responsible for the deodorant activity.  Please note that Hops Extract is proven effective at dilutions as low as 0.1 to 0.2% (That is 1/10th or 2/10ths of one percent, literally a single drop per ounce of base.  This would be in an oil-based product. I am contemplating infusing a drop or two in some clay or arrowroot powder for a deodorant powder. 


Hops CO2 Extract
15 mls               $14.00


LAVENDER CO2 Extracted

Lavandula angustifolia,  Grown in Bulgaria, CO2 extracted in Germany

The process of CO2 extraction gives an oil closer aromatically to the fresh blossom than any steam distilled oil will match. When ordering our last batch of CO2's I requested a sample of the producer's Lavender Select extraction.  And I fell in love.  I have no idea what the therapeutic qualities of this Lavender Oil will be, and we are not replacing the various lavenders used in our therapeutic blends.  But...if you want to scent your room, your linens, yourself with an absolutely beautiful, fresh floral lavender oil, this is the one for you.  We only have one kilogram, so order while supplies last. This CO2 extraction is truly an exquisite aromatic!


 Lavender CO2 extracted
5 mls $12.50
15 mls $25.00

Linden Blossom CO2

Tilia cordata  Extracted from Certified Organic Blossoms, grown and produced in Bulgaria.

first time ever.

This is an extremely rich, almost solid extract.  Our experience in working with it has been an adventure.  It does not dilute well in our favorite Fractionated Cocontu - but if warmed, will dilute and blend beautifully into warmed Jojoba.  (In the Fractionated Coconut oil it managed to solidify the liquid oil, even in a 10% dilution.  

Aromatically this is very different from the Linden Blossom absolute that we offered years ago.  It has a floral note, but is much greener, as though leaves as well as blossoms had been extracted. Be forewarned - the undiluted extract is quite difficult to work with. Unless you really need to work in with a stonger dilution we urge that you try our 10% dilutoin in Organic Jojoba. This will blend beautifully with other essential oils.

Wonderful, alone or in blends, for reducing tension. Robert Tisserand cites Linden Blossom in blends to detoxify and decongest the skin. Some authorities call this lovely essence "Lime Blossom", but it has no relation to the citrus family.

Blends with: Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Rose Absolute, Rose Otto, Tuberose, Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Neroli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Clove, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper and Ginger.


 OrganicLInden Blossom CO2 Extract
5 ml                            $20

15 ml                          $40

Linden Blossom 10% in Organic Jojoba
15 ml                      $12.00

MYRRH CO2 Extract

Commiphora abyssinica - Extracted from Resin, wildcrafted.  Softer and a bit sweeter than our distilled Myrrh.  This lovely new Myrrh is a key ingredient in our new Winter Rescue Cream for winter damaged skin. I've already incorporated it in a blend for a friend's skin fungus (in a base of aloe gel, blended with some Palma Rosa.)

Myrrh, another of the ancient 'sacred oils' has been used as an astringent for thousands of years.  Myrrh is an effective antifungal and antibacterial oil.

It clears extra mucous from the lungs and is useful for helping 'dry out' respiratory problems. It can help ease the itching and irritation of weeping eczema, and helps fight the fungus that causes jock strap itch.  It's most popular and effective use is in treating gum diseases and sores in the mouth. It makes an excellent mouthwash to promote oral health.

Myrrh is also recommended in blends to treat chapped or cracked skin.   There are those who say it can stimulate menstrual flow, and thus should be avoided during pregnancy.

BLENDS WITH: Bergamot, Cistus, Clove, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon


Myrrh CO2 Extract
5 ml   $11.00
15 ml     $22.00



Nutmeg CO2

Myristica fragrans Indonesia, CO2 Extracted, fruit.

The ultimate Nutmeg Essence! I put a drop on a perfume strip and said "EGGNOG!" Far sweeter and more complex than any steam distilled nutmeg essential oil this CO2 extraction must be used with care. Used in excess it over stimulates the brain and heart, can cause hallucinations and possibly convulsions. I have a tremendous respect for this lovely oil, to the extent that I do NOT allow my staff to "prebottle" more than about 10 bottles of it at a time. I don't want them exposed to the fumes in excess.

However, having said that, the slightest drop of Nutmeg, added to a blend, adds a sweet spicy aphrodisiac note. It's a mental stimulant, not a relaxer, though.

Physically, Nutmeg's stimulating action is believed by some to aid in asthenia (loss of physical strength, debility.) Some sources recommend its use as part of a blend for treating gout, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. I haven't experimented with this use yet.

Emotionally it is invigorating and stimulating, while, at the same time, warm and welcoming. Physically, it is said to be an excellent digestive stimulant for those who can not digest food, and a useful oil in treating nausea, vomiting, indigestion, etc. Nutmeg oil is also said to be an anti-inflammatory, and useful in treating arthritis. In a massage blend it is gently warming and that, coupled with its anti-inflammatory characteristics make it useful in treating sore joints and muscles. . Please avoid during pregnancy. Nutmeg blends beautifully with the sweeter citrus oils, with other spices, Bay, Geranium, Petitgrain, and Ylang Ylang. Please use it with discretion This CO2 extraction contains no solvents, so adding a drop to 1/2 cup of honey for flavoring food would be exquisite. I suspect it's going to be a key ingredient in my spiced tea this winter, and think a drop in a large pot of hot cider or mulled wine would be yummy.




5 ml $9.00
15 ml $16.00


Pomegranate Oil

CO2 extracted, Punica granatum seed extract, Certified Organic

(We are currently offering our Pomegranate Seed Oil in a 1/2 ounce cobalt glass bottle, with an 'eye dropper' top, so you may dole it out by the drop.)

A wonderful CO2 extracted light carrier oil... quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a very faint aroma reminiscent of melted baking chocolate. The producer recommends using it either undiluted by the drop, or using at up to 10% in a blend of other oils.

The benefits of this delightful oil are limitless - it is beneficial to nearly all skintypes; research is showing it to be helpful in fighting both skin and breast cancer in laboratory tests. (search Pubmed for abstracts.)  Pomegranate Oil  has an extended shelf life because of its high level of anti-oxidants. It has also been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory agent, relieving muscular aches and pains as well as reducing swelling.

What makes Pomegranate Seed Oil so beneficial?  First, it is high in antioxidants (such as polyphenol) which fight free radicals and promote skin regeneration.

It is also high in lipids, including the rare Pucinic Acid, which help heal inflammation and reduce swelling.

It has been found to nourish and moisturize the skin, improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles and preventing aging.  It has also been shown to help sunburned and ultraviolet damaged skin. 

Evidence suggests that its calming and healing properties may aid treatment of numerous skin problems, including dry, irritated sensitive skin, and perhaps even eczema and psoriasis.

Is there any wonder that high end cosmetic and skincare product designers are including Pomegranate Oil in their anti-aging creams and lotions?  

Personal note: I have a lot of contact allergies...I'll wear a ring, and by evening the back of that finger will be all red and itchy...I'll wear a bracelet, and the inside of my wrist will break out in itches. I brought home the first sample we received of this wonderful pomegranate oil, and put just a drop on the itchies.  Within minutes the itching stopped. By morning, the irritation and bumps and scratches were gone. This is amazing to me!

NOTE: the manufacturer strongly recommends blending with Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2; says the two have a highly complimentary action.


Pomegranate Seed Oil
15 ml (1/2 fl oz)



ROSA ALBA The White Rose

Rosa alba Certified Organic, Bulgaria, CO2 extracted.  Available undiluted or in a 10% dilution in organic Jojoba Oil.

The rare and precious White Rose form Bulgaria's Valley of the Roses is a direct descendant of the ancient Rosa Gallica, one of the oldest members of the Rose family.  The Rosa Alba has a much more intense aroma than Rosa Damascena, source of our traditional Rose Otto.  A very special luxury indeed, Rosa Alba oil is available undiluted or in a 10% dilution in  Certified Organic Jojoba Oil for ease of use and affordability..

This total extraction is thick and creamy.  We have found that it responds well to gentle warming, and will dilute very easily in slightly warmed Jojoba OIl.  We have not had success diluting it in our Fractionated Coconut Oil. For reasons unknown it doesn't dissolve well in the Fractionated Coconut oil, so we recommend using our Jojoba.  The producer has mentioned having success in diluting in other fixed oils, but the ones he mentioned are shorter lived and I would not blend a rare and costly aromatic into a shortlived carrier oil.

The CO2 extraction method yields a product closer in aroma to the raw botanical ... in this case the true white rose... than does the process of distillation.  More of the aromatic chemicals come through the process, and yet there are no solvents used as found in our Rose Absolutes.  This wonderful CO2 extract may be the ultimate pure and natural rose oil.

The bargain price, compared to our other roses, means that it will not last long.  If it interests you, I would order immediately.   

Rosa Alba CO2 Ext.

2 ml $46.00
5 ml $92.00
15 ml $184.00


Rosa Alba 10% in Jojoba.

2 ml $14.00
5 ml $28.00
15 ml $54.00



Rosa rubignosa  Germany, Organic,

We all know the wonderful skin care benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil, how it pampers "experienced skin".

However, Rose Hip Seed Oil has two unfortunate features. First, it has an extremely short shelf life. In addition, it is one of the richer, thicker carrier oils, and in the summer is just a bit too thick for my taste.

But...I've found a wonderful substitute. For the past few weeks I've been using a blend of Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract AND Rose Hip Pulp Extract...a thick red CO2 Extract from the dog rose'...the variety of rose with the largest hips. I'm mixing these two extracts into some Fractionated Coconut Oil. In the summer I want it's lightness, although come cold dry weather I may go back to Jojoba, or one of the richer oils.

I do not know if the extract has the extraordinary scar healing ability, when blended with Helichrysum italicuum, that we find in the cold pressed fixed oil, so for healing scars I still recommend using the traditional fixed oil. However, for facial blends, for most skincare benefits, I think this new extract is a wiser, and longer lasting, choice.

Rose Hip CO2

5 ml $10.00
15 ml $20.00


Sea Buckthorn Berry

Hippophae rhamnoides Lithuania, Berries, Wild Crafted, CO2 Extraction Total extracted from pulp, not from the kernel.

Our Sea Buckthorn Berry has it's very own page. To read about it click here.


Sea Buckthorn Berry

5 ml $8
15 ml $15



Vanilla Bourbon CO2

Vanilla planifolia Madagascar ORG beans CO2 Select extraction

Because this CO2 extract of the familiar Vanilla Bean contains over 12% vanillin it is far richer, sweeter, and more aromatic than any other form of Vanilla I have experienced. Sensual, warm and aphrodisiac, this CO2 extraction contains no solvent residues (found in the more familiar Vanilla Absolute.)

Emotionally, Vanilla is warming and welcoming, an ideal destressor. It is said to ease stress, anger, and frustration...giving a feel of comfort, perhaps because it recalls warm childhood memories?

Physically, it is said to induce menstruation. I have friends who use it, diluted in honey, in herbal tea to ease menstrual problems. For this reason I would avoid it in the early stages of pregnancy.

Add a drop or two to your favorite carrier oil for a romantic massage base. A dilution in either oil or alcohol will sweeten and smooth any aromatic perfume blend.

It's comforting sweet aroma softens any blend...wonderful with citrus oils, softens the coniferous oils...add a drop to your Holiday scents!

Add a drop to a jar of honey for aromatic sweetening for tea or coffee, or add a single drop to your sugar bowl for Vanilla Sugar. I've added a drop or three to a pound of ground coffee...wonderful. This CO2 Vanilla is safe as a flavoring for internal use...try flavoring your favorite lip balm recipe with a drop.

Please note, this exquisite aromatic is VERY intense and requires use in extremely low dilutions for it's sweetness to be apparent.  You might prefer our 10% dilution for ease of use.   The undiluted CO2 is very thick, semisolid.  It will not pour from the bottle but will require warming to soften.


Vanilla Bourbon CO2

2 ml $19.00
5 ml $38.00
15 ml $76.00


Vanilla Bourbon CO2 10% Dilution

Vanilla planifolia Madagascar ORG beans in a 10% dilution in our Fractionated Coconut Oil, for ease of use and affordability. Ready to use as a perfume.

Far easier to use in blends, massage oils, lip balms and the bath, we recommend this dilution whenever you plan to use the Vanilla CO2 in a carrier oil base.

Vanilla CO2 10%

5 ml $14.00
15 ml $24.00



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