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Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense has traditionally been used for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to have a centering effect on the emotions. It can slow respiration, thus helping your body calm and center itself.

A great oil for asthma or chest congestion. Frankincense essential oil can act as an expectorant, soothing congestion while also relaxing breathing.

In skin care, Frankincense is a wonderful oil to blend into facial creams or oils for aging skin.   L'Oreal is currently using an extract of frankincense in at least one of their "anti-wrinkle" products.

Frankincense is the key "active ingredient" in our Cleopatra's Secret line of products.

BLENDS WITH:  Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rose, Vetiver




Boswellia carterii Somalia, resin, wild, CO2 select extraction

This Frankincense has a delightfully sweet, sparkling aroma. I've found that it blends well with Orange and Neroli. It tends to 'soften' any sharply scented oil blended with it and seems to blend well with any of the woods, or spices. This is the finest Frankincense oil I have ever experienced, a true delight to the senses.


Frankincense CO2

5 ml $13.00
15 ml $26.00




Boswellia Frereana Wild crafted, Oman, Steam Distilled

I did NOT plan on adding another Frankincense essential oil. I received a sample. I had it tested. I had to have some. (People need to stop sending me wee samples of beautiful oils!)

Similar to its more familiar cousin, Bos. Carterii, this related species is much lower in thujene, which may be what gives it a softer, sweeter aroma. Sheer delight.

Uses would be similar to boswellia. carterii and boswellia sacra. My instinct is to reach for it for skincare. I am not certain how it's light sweetness will contribute to a meditative state. But for perfumery, or for skincare, it truly is a "must experience" oil.


Frankincense Frereana

5 ml $12.00
15 ml $24.00




Boswellia rivea  Wildcrafted from Ethiopia

A new Frankincense variety, which is found only in Ethiopia.  We fell in love with the sample of this fresh, light Frankincense oil.   I don't have the olfactory vocabulary to describe the scent... it is not in the least smokey from a SCENT stand point...but the 'feeling' it evokes is of smoke wisping into the air...  a lightness.  something rising.

it's a beautiful oil.somehow there's some sunshine captured in it.  Its chemical profile is higher in A-pinene and in Limonene than most of our other Frankincense oils, although it is lower in the boswellic acids.  I would recommend this new Ethiopian Frankincense for any of the spiritual uses of Frankincense Essential Oil,  and for respiratory and emotional uses. For skincare, I think I will stay with either our CO2 extracted or our Somalian Frankincense.  

The distiller offered us an amazing low price on this new oil, because he wants to encourage people to try it as an alternative to the better known Boswellia carterii species. We have, of course, passed the lower price on to you. This is our lowest priced Frankincense, but it is of superb quality.


Frankincense Ethiopia

15 ml $14.00




Boswellia serrata Wildcrafted, India, Resin, Hydrodistilled.

The oldest known Frankincense, and most likely the Frankincense mentioned in the Bible, this is the traditional Frankincense used in Ayurvedic medicine. There is little information available about the uses of this lovely oil. Powdered extracts of the resin are being used as anti-inflammatories...whether the EO will prove useful in this manner remains to be seen (I'm testing it out on my partner's rheumatic back aches.) It is very different from the more available Boswellia carterii in both effects and in aroma. Lighter, much more of a middle or heart note than a base note. A complex aroma with a lovely dry down in a scent blend. I see it as a glorious heart note bridging the lighter florals and/or citrus notes to a deep anchoring scent. A bargain price so you can't afford not to try some! 

Frankincense Serrata

5 ml $10.00
15 ml $20.00




Boswellia carterii Birdwell   Resin wildcrafted in Somalia,  distilled in France.

Our well-aged supply of Somalian Frankincense is gone, and we have been trying to source more. I emailed the source hoping he could find another supply of the same quality.  He suggested a couple of sources, and I got some samples of "okay" Frankincense.  They would do, but they weren't exciting. So I dragged my feet on ordering.

And my friend and mentor emailed me asking if I had found the Frankincense I was seeking, and went on to write: "If not I have located a really lovely source for what I feel is one of the best steam distilled Frankincense oils from Somalia I have encountered. I realize that such perceptions are highly personal but when [we} compared the pure olibanum oil from [another source] with this one we both felt the sweet rich balsamic note that underlies the resinous lemony topnote was fuller and more long lasting.

This new Frankincense is lighter in aroma than its predecessor, definitely a heart note, perhaps high heart rather than the base note the earlier distillation was.  Light, lemony, almost ethereal, I can't wait to see what effect it will have in the blends I make using Frankincense. 

View the GC/MS analysis here.


Somalian Frankincense
5 ml $9
15 ml $17


2 ml bottles of each of our Frankincense Essential Oils -
Boswellia Carterii
CO2 extracted from Oman, Boswellia carterii Birdwell Steam Distilled from Somalia, Boswellia serrata Steam Distilled from India, Boswellia frereana, Steam Distilled from Oman and Boswellia rivea distilled from Ethiopia
If we offered all these oils in 2 ml sizes, their combined retail price would be $26.00 Purchase the sampler and save $6.00.


Frankincense Sampler
Five   2ml bottles   $20
Temp. Out of Stock
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