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Aromatherapy Supplies and Accessories

If you're looking for bottles, atomizers, or the like please see our Aromatherapy Bottles page


On this Accessories page you will find a wide range of:
Please note, all of our Aroma Lamps are accompanied by three FREE tea candles, and instructions for use. To use an aromalamp: fill the well/bowl with warm water, add approximately 10 drops of your chosen pure essential oil or synergistic blend, light a tea candle to warm the water and disperse the aromatic vapors, and enjoy! Do not use essential oils or blends diluted in a carrier oil, the residue of the carrier is going to cause problems.

Pillars: Simple, stylish and light in weight and in cost!
Pillars Aroma Lamp

Tea Candles

One box of 10, to use with the Aroma Lamps we offer.
Tea Candles $2.99 Order

Plastic Inhaler Blanks

Create your own convenient pocket inhalers for your favorite essential oil or blend.  Ideal for headache relievers, sinus pain relievers, energizers, destressers, any application that works well strictly by inhalation.

Plastic Inhaler Blanks

1 @ $1.75

Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12)           $21.00


See one assembled with our SineEase Synergy on our Physical Synergies page.


Deluxe Personal Inhaler

Decorative small pocket aromatherapy inhaler for purse or pocket, to hold your favorite oil or blend. When you need the effects, but don't want to wear the scent, this is your solution.

Pretty little inhalers contain a glass vial, stuffed with cotton to absorb the oils.  Use the included tiny dropper to add your chosen oil or blend through the holes at the top.  We've used them for our SineEase synergy, some allergy sufferers use our Blue Tansy Oil, one pregnant mommie uses our Happy Morning synergy.  (I use one with our new Deep Breath synergy.)

Try as we may, we've never been able to make them leak.
3 1/8 inches long.

(Available in Light Silver, Pewter, Magenta, Green, Burgundy, and Black. Colors may render differently on your browser.)

Deluxe Personal Inhaler


Deluxe Pocket Inhaler

REFILLABLE!  Create your own "smelling salts" with these refillable inhalers.  Inside the handsome case is a small glass vial.  Fill with sea salt (for smelling salts) or a twist of a cottonball, and saturate with your favorite essential oil or blend.  When it's time to change to a different oil, just empty, wash with alcohol to remove all trace of the oil, and refill.

We have been unable to order the refillable/changeable inhalers for several years and are delighted to make them available.

Available in Red, Gold, and Lavender. Please select from dropdown list in the shopping cart when ordering.

Deluxe Pocket Inhalers


Please use only pure essential oils or essential oil blends in all of our diffusers and nebulizers. Do not attempt to use essential oils or blends diluted in a carrier oil in any of our diffusers.  The carrier oil will cause problems and be impossible to totally clean. 

(Please note that all of our electric diffusers run on 110 volt  current.)



Ideal for your office or workroom...or anywhere you take your laptop.

The Aroma2Go comes with the USB Diffuser (looks like a little Flash Drive, but isn't!), a tiny bottle with a wick, and a mini pipette for adding your chosen oil. Because of the wick you are rather limited when it comes to changing the oil in it, so we strongly recommend purchasing the additional "replacement pack" of three extra bottle/wick/refills. 

USB Diffuser White $24.99 ORDER
Refill Pack $5.99 ORDER
White Diffuser WITH REFILL PACK $28.98 ORDER
USB Diffuser Black $25.99 ORDER
Black Diffuser WITH REFILL PACK $29.88 ORDER

I had seen earlier versions of various USB diffusers and was not in the least interested.  Could see no sense for it. Then these nice folks sent me a gift, and I was sold.   I was working very late on this computer, trying to finish the Labor Day special page and newsletter.  I added a bit of Euc. Staigeriana (to brighten my spirits and bring some enthusiasm to the writing) and loved the effect of the Duffuser.  Not as subtle as our aromastone, but gentle.  I think this would work beautifully in an office situation.    Three adjustable 'speeds'.   It probably holds a full ml of oil. It does come with a small pipette, but I tend to reach for our minipipettes, because I have them.  I just added a wee bit of Atlas Cedarwood on top of the Euc. Staigeriana.  Very nice indeed.   Perfect stocking stuffer, perfect gift for the 'techie' on your list. (*I* am the techie on my list!)


The Spa Scenter

The Spa Scenter is the quietest diffuser we have ever experienced. A drawer in the base holds the round cotton pad, moistened with the blend or oil of your choice. A silent fan diffuses the fragrance through the cone shaped top. We requested a sample diffuser before Christmas, and just didn't get around to bringing in a batch of them. In our experience, the Spa Scenter is most effective in a small room. (We run ours in the bathroom.) It's silence makes it the ideal bedside diffuser...lull yourself to sleep with some Bulgarian Lavender, or our Sleepy Time Synergy. We also found that to maintain a detectable level of scent in the air, the pad needs remoistening every two hours or so. I'd not choose the Spa Scenter for therapeutic benefits, but for ambience or emotional uses, or just to 'clear the air' with some Smoke Eater, it is silent, unobtrusive, and attractive. Five scent pads accompany it, I'd suggest ordering a package of refills if you think you will want to use more than five oils or synergies. The scent pads are reusable, but you can not change the oils on one pad.

With no fragile glass parts, this might be the perfect diffuser for the nursery or sickroom.

Spa Scenter Diffuser $38.00


Spa Scenter Replacement Pads

Spa Scenter Replacement Pads  $2.99 ORDER

Package of 10 replacement pads


My British friends have raved about the gentleness and safety of the Aromastone for years. We have finally imported some to share with you. 

These tiny gems are only approximately four inches in diameter, and less than two inches tall.  The surface is gently warmed - cooler even than an aromalamp.  You may add a bit of warm water to the well or do what most users prefer - just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy directly to the surface.   The Aromastone is the ONLY method I would recommend for applying direct heat to the fragile essential oils. 

The Aromastone is our safest diffuser. The lack of fragile glass components, the absence of a candle flame, and its sturdy, stable proportions make this the ideal diffuser for a nursery, a children's room, or your bed table.  I plug it in at night, leave it overnight, and unplug in the morning, if I remember.

The Aromastone is best for small areas. I would not count on it to diffuse oils enough to fill a large family room or great room, for example.  But for a nursery or bedroom, its subtlety, silence and safety make it ideal.  One sits on my bedtable ready for a few drops of SleepEase or Relax on nights that sleeplessness threatens.

One customer writes...

"Hi gang!
I just wanted to say...I LOVE THIS ITEM!!  The Aroma stone is the nicest all purpose diffuser I own.  You say it doesn't diffuse a large room?  I think it does a pretty good job of doing just that, and it's so easy to use and clean.  I like my lamp, it's pretty.  I like my nebulizer, it's therapeutic in it's application.  I like my scent ball, it works just great.  But...the aroma stone doesn't need candles and doesn't burn the oils if I forget to watch the water level, it doesn't spit oils on my desk like my nebulizer did once, and I don't need any replacement pads like the scent ball requires.
This was a great addition to your line and I'm sorry for the folks who have to wait 'cause you're all sold out right now (but very glad I ordered mine early!!)
Marian Lane
Fairfield, ID"

She later wrote...

"ummm, sure :o)  I have also noticed it does a great job at base notes and the more resinous oils...


Available in a deep blue high gloss finish, and a delicate eggshell matte.

Eggshell $56.00
Cobalt   $54.00

3 x 1" (4 x 9 cm)


The Car Scenter

Car Scenter Diffuser - Plugs into cigarette lighter to warm the oil and fill the car with its aroma!This handy little dashboard diffuser plugs into a cigarette lighter or cell phone charger and gently warms the oil or blend dropped onto it. Ideal way to both freshen the car, and keep the driver alert and focused. Five cellulose pads allow for easy change of scents.

We are often ask to suggest blends or oils for use in the car. Our favorites are "Fresh Aire" for keeping moods uplifted and keeping the car itself clean and fresh-smelling;  Focus to increase mental alertness, and FogCutter for energizing. 

We recommend the use of single oils that are mood elevating without being too relaxing, thus we avoid lavender, the chamomiles, etc because we don't want the driver falling asleep.  The various mint oils are stimulating, and helpful for car sickness.  The conifers can relieve stress without putting the driver to sleep.  Bergamot, Lemon, Clementine would be good choices among the citrus oils. 

Car Scenter $10.99

Add to Cart

Car Scenter/Scent Ball/MIO Replacement Pads

Package of 10 replacement pads. These replacement pads are for the Car Scenter and Scent Ball and the battery operated MIO personal diffuser.
Replacement Pads $2.99 ORDER

Our Favorite Nebulizing Diffuser

This is the BEST way I know to receive the full benefit of your chosen blend. Only the smallest molecules of the EO are dispersed through the glass baffles of the nebulizer. Larger molecules are returned to the well to be broken smaller. Run the Nebulizing Diffuser for 10 to 15 minutes, and for two hours the air in the room will will be filled with microscopic particles of the EO's you have chosen. Many authorities state that using a Nebulizing Diffuser is the best way to receive the full physical benefits of the Essential Oils. ADDED FEATURE: Please note, most Nebulizers do NOT have an off/on switch, but need to be plugged/unplugged from the wall. By special arrangement with our supplier, our nebulizers have a switch wired into the cord, for your convenience!

Note:  If allowed to stand with resinous essential oils for a few days, the oils might thicken because of exposure to air.  When finished with your nebulizer, we suggest emptying the glass nebulizer, and rinsing with rubbing alcohol. Let air dry.  If you have allowed the oils to become thick and gunky you may find it helpful to remove the glass nebulizer and silicon tube from the motor/base and stand in rubbing alcohol  This will clean out any oil residue.  (At home I keep a replacement nebulizer ready, so that I can easily pop the "used" one into a jar of rubbing alcohol while the fresh one is ready for use.)

Read a Chemist's Comments on this Nebulizing Diffuser


Room Sized Diffuser

Designed to cover an area up to 150 sq.ft. Sufficient for home use at a bargain price. Please note that the hand-blown glass nebulizer is the same in all three models. The difference lies in the motor that powers them. This unit will require a bit more attention than the Professional model since it lacks the recycling on and off. The room sized model should be run for ten to fifteen minutes then cut off. You can then start it again when you feel it is necessary.

Suggested retail price is $65.00

Room sized Diffuser $50.95 Order


NEW Deluxe Professional Diffuser

The ultimate diffuser for those who demand the best. The Deluxe offers built-in timed interval release of the essential oils, diffusing for 7 minutes, turning off for 23. The cyclic administration of this diffuser heightens awareness of the aroma and strengthens the biological effect. Will diffuse the oils into an area as large as 900 square feet.  Many clients find it appropriate, even in large spaces, to initially set it on high, then lower it in an hour or less. 

This newly redesigned diffuser is much quieter than the Professional Deluxe we offered in the past. (with the large blue pump.)  No pump is going to be totally silent, but this is much quieter than its predecessor, perhaps even quieter than the Tranquility.

Base: 4x3x7 inches, Glass nebulizer, when attached,  7 inches above table.

Note:  Suggested retail price for this redesigned Professional Diffuser is $257.00  We add an "off/on" switch for your convenience. AND save you almost $90.00

Deluxe Professional Diffuser $169.95




Tranquility Nebulizing Diffuser

For years, we've offered two, the room sized (covering up to 400 square feet) and the Professional Deluxe (covering up to 1000 square feet, with extra features.)  They are far and away the most powerful method of diffusing essential oils for therapeutic benefit. They have one disadvantage. The powerful pump that powers each unit can be a bit noisy. Some people find it distracting, some don't.  

We were finally convinced to add the most quiet nebulizer to our collection. The tiny Tranquility covers a smaller area, only 200 to 400 square feet...(but how big is YOUR bedroom?) It is as quiet as our fan driven Spa Scenter, quieter than the larger nebulizers.  It uses the identical blown glass nebulizer and cord as its bigger brothers. 

Tranquility Nebulizer

$119.00 ORDER


Replacement Glass Nebulizer

Because sometimes accidents happen. The same glass nebulizer and silicon tube fits all three of our Amrita Nebulizing Diffusers. And, let's face it, glass is fragile. Sometimes accidents happen. Or sometimes we want to change the oil that is in the diffuser right now this minute without taking the time to clean it out. At any rate, if you have a need for a replacement nebulizer, or just want a spare, this is your opportunity. 

Replacement Glass Nebulizer $35.95 Order


NEW CLASSIC Ultrasonic Diffuser

Among the improvements of the Classical over its predecessor (the Cool Mist), are the following:

  • New "FineMist" vaporization, the water particles are finer and smaller.
  • The volumes of water used remains the same but the mist effect is better and the particle are sent further.
  •  New softer LED lights, allowing for use at night. On-off switch on the unit.
  • Adjustable timer and diffusion intensity
  • New "Umbrella Cover" keeps the nebulizer lid cleaner.
  • Attractive Silver Tone finish or Black Finish, your choice.. 

All the benefits of the old Cool Mist but more reliable, more effective. 

Safe: No risk of over heating since the mist is generated ultrasonically, not by flame or heat.
User Friendly: Set output level and time.
Operate for up to 5 hours. Automatic shut-off when water level drops below recommended level.
Can be used as humidifier, nebulizer, and air purifier.

An old friend called this retro styled humidifier to our attention.  She is caregiver to an elderly patient and is not comfortable leaving most diffusers unattended in his room.  The safety of this one won her over immediately. 

For those using a diffuser for respiratory conditions, this is the ONLY cool mist diffuser we have ever seen designed specifically for aromatherapy.  Safe to use with children and pets. Even if they tip it over, they will only get WET, not scalded.

June Curtice, of New Mexico, received one of the first Cool Mist diffusers we stocked. She wrote:

This Diffuser is definitely "two thumbs up"! Just perfect for the bedroom and my office. Desert air is very dry but with the furnace on during winter it's even worse. The diffuser is a great solution since it's small enough for a nightstand or a corner of my desk. Now I can add moisture to the air, plus fragrance or a therapeutic blend. It is easy to clean and I just love the five timer settings. With no heat and an automatic shutoff when water level gets low, this device is definitely very safe.
Thanks for introducing this product which I highly recommend. I love it so much that I'm going to hint to my husband that he get me another one for Christmas.
Warm regards,
June Curtice

Classic Ultrasonic
Silver:    $75.00
Black:  $75.00


NEW - a "beginner level" Ultrasonic Diffuser: 


Simpler and more basic than the Classic shown above, the AromaSens lacks the "adjustable" output, or the warning lights.  But it uses the same high frequency vibrations to convert the essential oils and water to a fine cool mist.  It holds 150 ml of water (approximately 5 ounces) and should diffuse for about three hours.  Very simple to operate.

AromaSens Diffuser


The new NaturaMist


Our most advanced and attractive ultrasonic diffuser.  A beautiful wood base, speakers to use with any MP3 player, a touch sensitive remote control, 360 degree swivel cover, advanced energy saving technology.  Nightlight has off/on feature.  

Three intensity settings, Low, Medium and High 


Remote has timer control.  You may set it to: 

  • Disperse continuously until water level becomes too low.
  • Disperse for 2 hours, then stop
  • Disperse for 5 seconds and rests for 40 seconds
  • Disperse for 15 seconds and rests for 50 seconds
  • Disperse for 30 minues and rests for 15 minutes.
Holds 250 ml (approx 8 fl oz) water. Recommended use only 3 - 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. 
NaturaMist Diffuser





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