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Blending for Perfuming and Scents

We've all probably experienced the disappointment of blending a perfume or bath blend that smelled delightful, and disappeared as soon as we put it on. The best way I know to insure that scent blends will have staying power is to blend the essential oils the way a musical chord is composed, with high,middle and low notes that compliment each other.

The depth or weight of a specific Essential Oil's aroma is based on the oil's volatility, how fast it disappears, relative to other oils. A quick way to experiment with this yourself is to take some blotting paper, coffee filters, soft papertowels, some very absorbent paper, and drop two or three drops of different Essential Oils on each blotter. Try a range of oils, one or two citrus oils, a "wood" oil like cedarwood, rosewood, or, best of all, Patchouli or Vetiver; and something in the middle, perhaps lavender or geranium. Put the blotters away for a few hours, and then smell them. The citrus oils are apt have almost disappeared, while the deeper base notes should be unchanged. Check after 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.


The simplest explanation of the terms "top", "middle" and "base" notes is directly how tenaciously its scent lingers. Blending a small amount of a middle note will make a top note last longer. Rounding the blend off with just a single drop or so of a base note anchors it still more. Normally speaking, the lower notes will dominate a blend, if used in equal amounts. For a rough starting note, try blending three drops of your chosen top note, two drops of a middle note, and a single drop of a base note. Take Notes!!! I don't know of anyone who hasn't created a scent that they loved, but couldn't reproduce since they didn't have a record of the proportions.

If you like the 3 2 1 blend you just created (with a total of six drops of essential oils) put a 30-20-10 drop duplication of it away for a few day or a week. Let the scents meld together, and get comfortable. Sometimes they change, in ways you like. Sometimes one note has become too strong and you want to add a few drops of the others, or make a note to add less of that, the next time.

And now, if you need to mix your blend in bulk, you can mix by the teaspoon or tablespoon; or by the milliliter.

essential oil graphicTop/Middle/Base Notes Listing


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