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Sea Buckthorn Berry

5 ml $8
15 ml $15



Hippophae rhamnoides Lithuania, Berries, Wild Crafted, CO2 Extraction Total extracted from pulp, not from the kernel.

Contains: 30% palmitoleic acid, carotinoids (including a high level of beta-carotine), tocopherols, alcohols, (vitamins A, C and E). 1900 IU of Provitamine A per gram of extract.

Sea Buckthorn Berry has been used by herbalists for millenia. This extraction has only recently become available and seems to be taking the natural skincare industry by storm. Many of the wellknown "Natural Cosmetics" companies include Sea Buckthorn Berry in their skincare products, as a search of the web will quickly show you. Like many extracts, this CO2 total is fairly thick. It will not pour from the bottle and you may want to warm it gently to work with it.

Bio-active substances in the oil from the seed and pulp are used in a variety of dermatological applications, among them anti-aging face creams and lotions and (since the extract seems to aborb UV rays) in sun care products.

My research indicates that products containing Sea Buckthorn Berry appear to promote cell tissue regeneration, thus aiding in the healing of wounds, and restoring skin tissue.

An international natural bath and beauty chain adds the plant's oil to its sunscreen products as both a sun-block and tan-enhancer. European cosmeticians sell anti-wrinkle creams made from Sea Buckthorn. (Please note, because of Sea Buckthorn's high level of betacarotene, the oil is a deep reddish orange and unless used in extremely weak dilutions can colour your skin. If you want a "bronzing oil" this is your choice!)

Clinical experiments in Shantow Tropical Disease Hospital and the Shanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute indicate cosmetics containing Sea Buckthorn extracts can actually improve metabolism and retard skin maturation, thus slowing the aging process, possibly because of the effects of its high levels of Vitamins A and E.

Sea Buckthorn oil is said to have proven effective in the treatment of skin conditions including burns, skin ulcers, cancer, acne and dermatitis of various forms.

Russian cosmonauts use its oil for protection against radiation burns in space.

Current research indicates that not only does it enhance immune activity and disease resistance, but it also destroys harmful free radicals found in our bodies. Aubrey Organics, on their web page, state that Sea Buckthorn's high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E are the perfect free radical scavenger for your skin.

I have read, but can not verify, that haircare products made with Sea Buckthorn had the effect of retarding baldness and improving hair growth.

In my opinion a 1% dilution in the carrier oil of your choice should be sufficient to give your skin the beneficial effects. I personally experimented with a 10% dilution on one side of my face every night, while using Rose Hip Seed oil on the other side.  I found that strong a dilution unnecessary; ended up going with 1% rose hip CO2 and 1% Sea buckthorn Berry CO2.  The carrier oil of  choice varies monthly.  (Even with only a total of 2% of these deeply colored extracts really left my face looking "bronzed" but the effect faded within a few minutes.)

Much of the Sea Buckthorn Berry extract on the market today is from China. The Chinese extractions are lower priced, but are extracted from the seed kernel, not the pulp of the berry. These extractions have significantly lower levels of the tocopherols, and practically no Vitamin C. They are so low in Vitamin E that the producer is adding Rosemary Extract in an attempt to preserve them. The high level of natural Vitamin E in this extract should give it a shelf life of several years. In fact, the producer's own information gives a shelf life of 5 years.



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