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BULK Essential Oils, Absolutes, and CO2 Extracts

We try to keep this list as close to our inventory as possible. However, in certain cases, we may not have the quantity of the oil that you order. In that situation we will offer you the next largest size available. If there is an oil we offer, but don't have listed on this page, most likely we don't have the quantity to offer it in bulk sizes. However, we may be able to special order some for you.  Email me with any questions. This page is frequently updated, please refresh your browser to view the current version.

The shipping that is calculated by the shopping cart is never accurate for bulk Orders. On bulk orders we normally estimate between two and five dollars more than the shipping value the cart will show, to cover both additional value per ounce and the cost of either insurance or self-insurance. On very large orders we reserve the right to go back and rebill excess shipping costs.  We ship via USPS Priority Mail

A Note on Packaging:

We are gradually transitioning to aluminum bottles for all of our bulk essential oils, for safety in shipping.  We have been using aluminum canisters for the 16 and 32 ounce sizes for some time.  The four ounce bottles have arrived. As we deplete our stock of amber glass 8 ounce bottles they will be replaced with aluminum.  The Aluminum Canisters can be difficult to open; we've received some feedback from clients who have been stymied by them and are not happy. They are truly the only SAFE way to ship bulk essential oils and are the industry standard.  We've written a blog article with pictures and descriptions on how best to open and work with them.

These bulk sizes are greatly discounted. Because of this no other discounts may apply (including free shipping.)

We can not accept returns on bulk oils. Please be quite sure you are ordering the correct item. To request samples, please visit our essential oil samples page.  By purchasing from this page you are agreeing that no return for credit is possible since all bulk purchases are custom poured for the specific order.

Please note:  Nature's Gift is not a USDA certified organic reseller.  When we resell an oil it loses its organic status because it passed through our hands. If you need organic certification for products you are producing, then we are not the supplier for you.  When we say that a product is organic, it was produced by organic methods by a certified organic producer. It was certified organic UNTIL we opened the canister it was shipped in. At that point the organic certification was lost. Would the product be improved by our spending days and weeks on paperwork to achieve certification?  We don't think so.

Last Updated:  Sept 8, 2014

Don't forget an oxygen barrier to preserve your oils!




Pimenta Dioica (pimenta officianalis) 
Jamaica Wildcrafted, SD from dried berry   $42 $72     Add to Cart
Sweet Basil - Linalol
Ocimum basilicum
Egypt Eth. Farmed. SD leaves   $32 $54 $90 $158 Add to Cart
Holy Basil
Ocimum sanctum
India Organically produced, SD leaves and blossoms     $30 $48 $86 Add to Cart
West Indies Bay
Pimenta Racemosa
Dominican Republic Organically produced, SD leaves     $50 $82 $146 Add to Cart
Citrus bergamia
Italy Organically produced, Cold pressed, Rind   $34 $54 $88 $160 Add to Cart
Bergamot FCF
Citrus bergamia
Italy Organically produced, Distilled, Rind   $66 $110 $190 $338 Add to Cart
Bergamot Mint
Mentha citrata
USA Organic, leaves, SD   $26 $42 $70   Add to Cart
Black Pepper
Piper nigrum
India Ethically Farmed SD Buds   $40 $60 $90 $156 Add to Cart
Melaleuca leucadendrum
Vietnam Organic, SD Leaves   25.00 38.00 58.00 100.00 Add to Cart
Carrot Seed
Daucus carota
France Ethically Farmed, SD seed   $62 $108 $188 $320 Add to Cart
Helio Carrot
Daucus carota
Germany Wild, CO2, Root     $58 $90   Add to Cart
CedarLeaf, Atlas
Cedrus atlantica
France ORG,SD, Needles $50 $85 $140     Add to Cart
Atlas Cedarwood
Cedrus atlantica
Morocco Wild SD Wood     $34 $54 $96 Add to Cart
Himalayan Cedarwood
Cedrus deodora
India Wild, SD, Wood     $30 $48 $78 Add to Cart
English Chamomile
Anthemis nobilis
England, United Kingdom Ethically farmed, distilled from flowering tops.   $106 $175 $300   Add to Cart
German Chamomile
Matricaria recutita
England Ethically Farmed SD flowers $146 $244 $412 $710   Add to Cart
Cinnamon Bark Cinnamomum zeylanicum Madagascar Organically produced, SD, Bark   $100 $166 $284 $516 Add to Cart
Cinnamon Leaf
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Madagascar Cert. Organically produced, SD, Leaves     $34 $56 $98 Add to Cart
Spanish Cistus (Traditional, "Open Fire") Cistus ladanifer Spain Wild SD Leaves   $180 $300 $480 $880 Add to Cart
Clary Sage - High Sclareol
Salvia sclarea
USA SD flowers & leaves   $60 $100 $170   Add to Cart
Clove Bud
Eugenia carophyllata
Madagascar Organic
SD buds
  $56 $98 $160 $292 Add to Cart
Cupressus sempervirens
France Organically produced, SD Needles and Growing Tips   $45 $82 $146 $260 Add to Cart
Eucalyptus Globulous (Blue Gum) Eucalyptus globulous Australia Ethically farmed, SD, Leaves       $32 $54 Add to Cart
Lemon Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Citriodora
South Africa Eth. Farmed SD leaves       $32 $54 Add to Cart
Peppermint Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus dives
South Africa Ethically farmed, SD Leaves     $30 $48 $84 Add to Cart
Eucalyptus Radiata
Eucalyptus radiata
South Africa Organically produced,
SD, leaves
    $47 $78 $142 Add to Cart
Eucalyptus Smithii
Eucalyptus smithii
Australia Wildcrafted, unrectified SD leaves


  $26 $40 $70 Add to Cart
Lemon Ironbark Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Staigeriana
Australia Organically produced, not certified, SD leaves   $36 $64 $108 $192 Add to Cart
Sweet Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare dolce
Hungary Ethically farmed, SD seeds   $22 $36 $60 $106 Add to Cart
Balsam Fir
Abies balsamea canadensis
Canada Eco. Sens. SD needles   $25 $38 $60 $106 Add to Cart
Agonis fragrans
Australia SD, Leaves and young branches $34 $58 $96 $162 $292 Add to Cart
Frankincense CO2
Boswellia carterii
Somalia grown, produced in Germany Wild,Resin
CO2 Select
  $54 $92 $156 $282 Add to Cart
Frankincense Frereana
Boswellia frereana
Somalia Wild SD Resin $40 $68 $112 $190 $340 Add to Cart
Frankincense - Somalian
Boswellia carterii Birdwell
Somalia Wild SD Resin $34 $56 $96 $160 $292 Add to Cart
Frankincense, Indian
Boswellia serrata
India Wild SD Resin     $34 $52 $90 Add to Cart
Pelargonium graveolens
Egypt Organically grown, not cert. SD Leaves   $40 $72 $118 $210 Add to Cart
Rose Geranium
Pelargonium graveolens
South Africa Organically produced, SD leaves   $48 $80 $135 $240 Add to Cart
Pink Grapefruit
Citrus paradisii
USA ORG. CP, Rind   $48 $82 $148 $262 Add to Cart
Ho Wood (Shui)
Cinnamomum camphora Sieb. var. linaloolifera Fujita
China Renewable resource, SD from  wood, bark and leaves       $48 $86 Add to Cart
Kunzea Ambigua
Tasmania, Australia Wild harvested, SD, Flowering Branches $42 $66 $112 $190 $342 Add to Cart
Bulgarian Lavender
Lavender angustifolia
Bulgaria Organic, Cloned, SD flowering tops     $45 $78 $135 Add to Cart
English Lavender
Lavender angustifolia
Great Britain Ethically Farmed, SD Flowers     $50 $82 $144 Add to Cart
Himalayan Lavender
Lavender officianalis
India Ethically/organically farmed, SD Population  flowering tops $25 $38 $64 $106 $190 Add to Cart
Spike Lavender
Lavendula latifolia
Spain Organically produced,, SD  Flowering tops   $32 $45 $75 $136 Add to Cart
Ledum (Greenland Moss)
Ledum groenlandicum
Canada Ecocert Wild $185 $310 $530 $910   Add to Cart
Lemon Rind
Citrus limon
Italy ORG, CP, Rind     $35 $56 $98 Add to Cart
Lemongrass  High Myrcene
Cymbopogon citratus
Madagascar Organic SD, Grass       $38 $64 Add to Cart
Lemon Myrtle
Backhousia citriodora
Australia Organically produced, not certified.  SD, Leaf   $32 $56     Add to Cart
Lemon Teatree Leptospermum petersonii Australia Organically produced, not certified.  SD, Leaves   $36 $56 $94 $162 Add to Cart
Green Mandarine
Citrus reticulata (Citrus deliciosa)
Brazil ORG CP, Rind     $60 $100 $180 Add to Cart
Red Mandarine
Citrus reticulata (Citrus nobilis)
Italy ORG CP, Rind     $70 $110 $195 Add to Cart
Sweet Marjoram
Origanum marjorana
Egypt Ethically FarmedSD, Flowers & leaves     $50 $80 $138 Add to Cart
Commiphora myrrha
Somalia/France Wild SD, resin   $90 $148 $248 $448 Add to Cart
Citrus aurantium
Morocco Ethically Farmed SD, flowers     $1200 $2100   Add to Cart
Melaleuca quinquenervia
Australia Ethically farmed, SD, leaves   $28 $42 $64 $112 Add to Cart
Sweet Orange
Citrus sinensis
Brazil Organically produced CP, rind       $30 $45 Add to Cart
Blood Orange
Citrus sinensis
Italy ORG, CP, Rind     $25 $40 $65 Add to Cart
Palma Rosa
Cymbopogon Martini
Nepal Wildcrafted, distilled from flowering grass     $33 $56 $96 Add to Cart
Patchouli - India
Pogostemon cablin
India Conv. Farmed SD, Leaf   $26 $44 $74 $132 Add to Cart
Mentha x piperita
Midwestern USA Farmed, SD, Leaf       $45 $75 Add to Cart
Peppermint Organic
Mentha x piperita
Hungary Organically produced, SD, leaf     $50 $85 $150 Add to Cart
Scotch Pine
Pinus sylvestris
France Cert. Org. SD, Needles   $65 $108 $184 $332 Add to Cart
Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.
Thailand Wild from fresh rhizomes SD   $122 $210 $360   Add to Cart
Ravensara Aromatica Agathophyllum aromatica Madagascar Wild SD, Leaf     $40 $60 $102 Add to Cart
Cinnamomum camphora
Madagascar Wild SD, Leaf   $28 $40 $60 $106 Add to Cart
Rose Absolute-Turkish
Rosa Damascena
Turkey Organic, not certified, SE $162 $292 $550 $1000   Add to Cart
Turkish Rose Otto (Rose Oil)
Rosa Damascena
Turkey Ethically Farmed Hydro distilled Petals $396 $720 $1290 $2315   Add to Cart
Rosemarinus officinalis
Spain ORG SD, Leaf & flowers     $72 $120 $210 Add to Cart
Rosemary-Cineole Rosemarinus officinalis var cineole Tunisia ORG, SD, Leaf & flowers       $52 $86 Add to Cart
Rosemary Verbenon
Rosemarinus officinalis var Verbenon
South Africa Bio. SD, Flowering tops     $28 $44 $80 Add to Cart
Rosewood (Bois de rose)
Aniba roseodora
Brazil Wild, SD, Wood   $45 $70 $118 $212 Add to Cart
Salvia officinalis
Corsica ORG SD, Leaves & flowers   $50 $80 $135 $240 Add to Cart
Sandalwood Absolute Santalum austrocaledonicum New Caledonia Solvent Extracted then vacuum distilled $95 $158 $270 $458 $840 Add to Cart
Sandalwood India-Tamil - 2014
Santalum album
Tamil Nadu India 2014 Wild SD, wood     $675 $1155 $2096 Add to Cart
Sandalwood Vanuatu  Santalum austrocaledonicum Vanuatu Wild  SD Wood   $175 $295 $500 $920 Add to Cart
Cinnamosma fragrans Baillon
Madagascar Wild,Organic SD leaves     $44 $68 $116 Add to Cart
Sea Buckthorn Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides
Lithuania Wild CO2 Berries     $64 $108 $196 Add to Cart
Tea Tree
Melaleuca alternifolia
Australia Organically produced, not certified., SD Leaves     $30 $46 $75 Add to Cart
Thyme, Benchmark Blend Great Britain Organic, not certified, leaves   $80 $135 $228 $410 Add to Cart
Vetiver Haiti
Vetivera zizanoides
Haiti Organic, hydrodiffused from Roots   $34 $54 $88 $158 Add to Cart
Vetiver Indian
Vetivera zizanoides
India Wild HD Roots   $48 $78 $130 $232 Add to Cart
Vanilla Bourbon
Vanilla planifolia
Madagascar Organically produced,CO2 beans   $240 $425 $730   Add to Cart









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