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Refined and Traditional Shea Butter, or our Shea Soufflé - Whipped Shea Butter


Traditional Golden Shea Butter               Shea SouffléShea Butter and Shea Nuts

Naturally Refined Shea Butter

Most refined Shea butter on the marketplace is refined via the use of hexane, and I don't really want to use that in skincare. Finally we found a source for a naturally refined Shea Butter...extracted by crushing the nuts of the Karite tree, heating and repeatedly straining and filtering the resulting oil. The result? A white emollient, wonderful for dry and delicate skin. At room temperature, our Shea butter is a bit softer than either Cocoa or Mango butters, but still quite solid.

Shea Butter has been tested and proven effective at diminishing various signs of aging, skin regeneration in cases of sunburns and scars, wrinkle reduction, and both helping to prevent and reversing sun damage.

Please note that we have recently changed the packaging on our Refined Shea Butter. In the past we carefully scooped it into 4 oz plastic jars.  This made for attractive packaging, but was terribly labor intensive.  In order to maintain our current pricing, we have had to eliminate the manual packing into jars.  Our shea butter is now cut into chunks, bagged and sealed.   (Our staff is MUCH happier.  Packaging the Shea butter was everyone's least favorite task.) 

ALLERGY NOTE:  Those individuals with BOTH a latex allergy and a nut allergy may react to Shea Butter. 


Shea Butter

4 oz



NEW Fair Trade Organically Produced

We've explored countless samples of "all natural unrefined" Shea Butter, and never could find one that I would put on my skin.  Short shelf life,  unpleasant aroma, yucky color (ranging from grey to greenish to a sickly yellow) all were turnoffs.  So we kept coming back to the naturally refined highly filtered and deoderized Shea butter we have offered for years.  

Finally a friend made several trips to Ghana, working with a woman's cooperative there, consulting with the most well respected expert on Shea Butter, Dr. Peter Lovett, PhD, and using quality control processes Dr. Lovett developed to greatly extend the shelf life of the Shea Nut Oil (Shea Butter.)

The sample we received was wonderful.  Creamy golden in color, softly "spreadable" at room temperature, it was a delight.  Traditionally processed Shea Butter retains all of the botanical riches such as Vitamin A compounds, allantoin (found in aloe and comfrey), and circuminoids (anti-cancer compounds found in cumin) and catechins (anti-oxidant flavenoids also found in green tea.)  This is by far the most appealing Shea Butter we have ever experienced.

ALLERGY NOTE:  Those individuals with BOTH a latex allergy and a nut allergy may react to Shea Butter. 


Traditional Golden Shea Butter
4 oz Jar    $14.00
16 oz Bail Jar  $36.00


Shea Soufflé

Butyrospermum parkii and AIR...lots and lots of air!

This is our pure white Shea Butter whipped for hours to a lighter than air fluff. There are absolutely no carrier oils or any other additives in this product. The Shea Soufflé is whipped in very small batches for at least two hours to insure there are absolutely no lumps.  Light, fluffy (as a soufflé should be!) we have all fallen in love. Now, everyone knows all the skincare benefits of Shea Butter.  But it can be hard. I don't LIKE having to rub things into my delicate skin. Our Shea Soufflé literally melts into my skin. It's hard to keep everyone here from the samples. 

This is unscented whipped Shea Butter. Because it is so light your favorite essential oil or blend can easily be stirred into it. Courtney sent some to her friend Karla in Oregon and she added a few drops of Patchouli to it. She uses it every day, and two of her friends (both male) say they're addicted to it and want some of their own.  Another friend adds a bit of our traditional Helichrysum Essential Oil to hers. Wonderfully skin soothing!

Shea Soufflé
4 fl oz    $18
16 fl oz Bail Jar  $52

Shea Soufflé...Pure shea butter whipped to a froth for easy application!16 oz bail jar pictured


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