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CLEOPATRA'S SECRET Cleopatra's Secret Skincare Products

A blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Oil, designed to nurture mature skin and mature spirits.  What started out as a holiday blend, to celebrate the gifts of the Magi, has turned into a series of skincare products to give your skin a youthful glow while enriching and uplifting any woman's spirits.   Our signature skin care line.
 For the face:

Creme Cleanser - rich and nourishing for Mature or Dry Skin
Botanical Toner - refresh, revive, soften
Anti-Aging Skin Serum - moisturize, renew
Radiance - nourishing creme for face or body.
Creme Masque - Leave skin smooth and glowing

For the Bath:

Bliss Bath - powdered bath oil, silken soft and aromatic
Shower Gel - Organic, moisturizing

Or try them all, in our Cleopatra's Secret Gift/Travel Set

Cleopatra's Secret Creme Cleanser

A few months ago one of our suppliers sent me some samples of creams, lotions, cleansers, etc.  Of course I had to play!  Some were delightful, some were not for me. One I fell in love with.  A rich, gentle, botanical based wash off cream cleanser that just made my face feel silky smooth and just glow! The formulator makes all sorts of wonderful claims about its power to restore and rejuvenate youthful skin. I don't. I just like the way it makes my face feel.  About six weeks later I was at a lunch time meeting with a group of women who have known me for years. One of them is a consultant for a well known makeup company, so she is very aware of skincare and appearances.  She started raving about how wonderful my skin looked.  The only difference was the cleanser I had been using.  So, I shared the sample with our staff.  And we started to play. We have lavished the basic cleanser with the anti-aging essential oils of our Cleopatra's Secret products. For more information, as well as a complete list of ingredients, click here.

Ideal for those of you who find even our gentlest Goatsmilk soaps a bit drying for facial use. Packaged in a four oz lotion jar for your convenience.  Simply squeeze a dollop into your palm, apply to your face. Moisten your hands and gently massage in.  Remove with a washcloth moistened in warm water and feel your skin glow!

(Our first client feedback about the new Cleanser came from Eve Bashoff, who wrote " I love the cleanser and could see and feel an immediate difference in my skin.")

Cleopatra's Secret Creme Cleanser
4 fl oz   $32.00

Cleopatra's Secret Mature Skin Toner

You've raved about the anti-aging effects of our Cleopatra's Secret line of products, especially our new Creme Cleanser.  But, after rinsing off the cleanser, many of us like a toner.  Nature's Gift to the rescue!

We blended our favorite mature skin hydrosols - Frankincense - and then I started playing.  I added some water soluble hydrolized oats to leave a soft, velvety feel on the skin. Studies have shown that hydrolyzed oats retain significantly more moisture no matter what the humidity, and gain up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity when extra moisture is most needed. We also added Olive Leaf Extract - a blend of bioflavonoids and polyphenols that have anti-oxidant qualities and function as free radical scavengers. For product safety, we added a proven, paraben free preservative.

This toner leaves mature skin feeling velvety soft with a youthful glow.

Great to use any time, but I love it in the morning...I've cleansed my face at bedtime, how dirty can it be? A spritz of our Toner on a cotton ball leaves me feeling ready to face the world.

Cleopatra's Secret Toner     

4 fl oz Atomizer  $25.00




Cleopatra's Secret Anti-Aging Skin Serum

We've been asked for this, and have been experimenting as the ingredients arrived.  Based on my beloved Organic Argan oil, with Organic Marula for extra quick absorbency, Squalane for protection against transdermal water loss, anti-oxidant rich Organic Pomegranate CO2, age defying Borage, Evening Primrose and Organic Rose Hip Seed cold pressed oils.  Then, to the most age defying carrier blend we could concoct we started adding more goodies. Seabuckthorn Berry CO2 and Rose Hip CO2 extractions, the secret of our popular "Mature Skin Elixir" and, of course, our Cleopatra's Secret synergy, rich with anti-aging Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose essential oils. Carrot Seed, the most effective essential oil for wrinkle reducing. And a dollop more rose, just because. 

Measure just a drop or two with the dropper cap. Pat gently onto areas which could use rejuvenating. Absorbs in seconds, leaving skin soft and glowing.  (For an even better treat, mist your face with a spritz of our Cleopatra's Secret Toner, and apply the Serum while the skin is still barely moist.)

Please note: We package our Cleopatra's Secret Serum with an attractive silver dropper top, for convenience in use. (It dispenses better with the dropper.) However, for traveling, please cap the bottle with the original bottle top and orifice reducer to prevent the possibility of leakage.

Cleopatra's Secret Skin Serum
1/2 fl oz    $20.00



Cleopatra's Secret Radiance

A rich face and body creme that absorbs quickly... packed with our soothing and anti-aging ingredients.  Rose Hydrosol, botanical extracts and essential oils carefully selected to moisturize dry and mature skin - and smell wonderful!! 

For more information and a complete ingredient list, see our Radiance Creme Page

Cleopatra's Secret RADIANCE
4 fl oz                   $34.00



Cleopatra's Secret Creme Masque

Once again, someone sent us a sample. We all tried it.  And the women of Nature's Gift have a range of skin types...combination skin, overly sensitive/reactive skin, oily skin, black skin, dry skin, mature skin... you name it.  We ALL fell in love.   Even Christi and I, with reactive sensitive skin found our skin glowing and silken smooth. 

Then, to make it perfect for all of us who love our Cleopatra's Secret we added a bit of two different Frankincense oils, a touch of Myrrh,  a drop or two of Rose Otto and some Rose Hip CO2, our favorite anti-aging

This is not a peel off, plastic-like mask. It is a smooth creme.  Apply a thin layer all over your face, of course avoiding your eyes.  Let stand for five to twenty minutes.  Rinse well.  Tone and moisturize as usual.

Several of us felt a mild cooling sensation. NONE of us experienced any tingling or irritation with this gentle smoother.  However, with this, as with any skincare product, if irritation develops, remove immediately. 

For more information and a complete product list, see our Creme Masque page.

When we tested this Masque base, before adding the Cleo's Synergy to make it truly our own our responses were unanimously excited.  I wrote: "The masque... OH YES..   I used on just one side of my face... last nite...this morning even Christi could FEEL the difference in smoothness on the side I used it on."  Christi wrote, "Masque/Mask-I like this, quite gentle for a masque & not so pore tightening. It makes the face feel soft/smooth & I had NO sensitive skin issues with it."  And Ginger raved: This was my favorite! It moisturizes and calms the skin without leaving any greasy residue behind. I tried it plain for a few days and then with a drop or two of Harmony synergy mixed in. I liked it both ways, but better with the synergy added.  

Three women with very different skin types, but all of us with sensitive and "reactive" skin. A definite must have for your skincare routine.

Cleopatra's Secret Creme Masque

Net Wt. One Ounce        $16.00


Cleopatra's Secret Bliss Bath

There's a story behind the development of our Bliss Bath. It was concocted during a time when I had to do something to nurture and take care of myself, of my spirit. One of these things became a nightly ritual...a warm bath, beeswax candles, soft music, and oils to sooth my spirit in the bath.  Bath salts weren't the answer for me...my more than mature skin finds salts too drying. I needed a bath oil, but they float on top of the water and feel greasy, not soft and nourishing.

I experimented with a friend's formula for a "blooming bath powder"...and thus our Bliss Bath was born. A container of powder, magically concealing nourishing, rich Jojoba oil, with the rare Cleopatra's Secret Essential Oils added with a generous hand. Add a  scoop of this magical mixture to the tub as it fills...the powder dissolves, dispersing the moisturizing jojoba, and the silky soft powder throughout the water, so that every inch of your skin is caressed with its silken touch. The Essential Oils soothe and nurture both the skin and the spirit. You leave the bath with your skin feeling soft and silky, your spirit rested and restored.

This feather light powdered balm is tightly packed in a PET bail jar (for safety), so you can securely seal it to keep moisture out. We are legally required to sell it by weight; it weighs only 2 and 1/2 ounces. But it fills a 16 ounce jar. One container will give you between 15 and 30 blissful baths, depending on how extravagant you are with it.

Cleo's Secret Bliss Bath 
16 oz by volume


Cleopatra's Secret Shower Gel

For those who simply don't have time to luxuriate in a Bliss Bath, we have designed our moisturizing Shower Gel. A gentle blend of saponified organic carrier oils, enriched with extra glycerin to leave your skin soft and moisturized. We blend in a generous amount of our Cleopatra's Synergy (Frankincense, Myrrh, and true Rose Otto) to moisten and condition mature skin. What a wonderful way to start or end the day!

Cleopatra's Secret Shower Gel
4 fl oz $20.00



Cleopatra's Secret Travel/Gift Set


All new - travel / gift sizes of our favorite mature skincare goodies:

For her face we offer two ounces of our Cleopatra's Secret Creme Cleanser, and a one ounce spritzer of our refreshing Cleo's Secret Toner.  We've added a full 1/2 ounce bottle of our rich Serum, and a one ounce jar of Radiance Creme for face and bode.   For the bath or shower - two ounces of Cleopatra's Secret Shower Gel, and two packets of Cleopatra's Secret Bliss Bath - when her travels allow her to relax long enough for a luxurious bath.

Because of the travel kit's already discounted price, no other Nature's Gift discounts may apply.


Cleopatra's Secret Travel/Gift Set
$55.00 (a $68 value)


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