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GINGER ROOT, Steam Distilled

Zingiber officinale  Organic from Madagascar

Ginger is one of my favorite oils, but it's been years since we've been able to offer a steam distilled Ginger Oil. Most distillations are done from the dried root, and are, aromatically...well, the word NASTY was my daughter's reaction to one of them. This aromatically superb steam distilled specimen is still a skin irritant and needs using with a light hand, but should be safe for the skin in normal aromatherapy dilutions.

Ginger Oil, for those who have not tried it, is wonderfully soothing for aching joints and muscles, or an upset tummy. Ginger's heat can be irritating to the skin so be sure to dilute it. It is a wonderful ingredient in massage blends for aching muscles, or as a warming ingredient in a 'chest rub' for a cold or flu.   Recent studies have indicated that Cinnamon Leaf and Ginger, in synergy, are an effective analgesic and rubifactant.  The combination of the two are more effective at lower dilutions than either one alone. See the analysis of our current batch here.

Ginger Root

5 ml             $12.50

15 ml           $25.00

ginger plant


Ginger Root CO2 Extract

Zingiber Officinale extracted from organic roots.   The most freshly scented Ginger oil ever.  In the past we discontinued the Ginger CO2 we had stocked because it was so intensely hot we didn't feel it was safe to use.  This total CO2 extract is delightful..warming, but not burning.   The producer especially recommends it as an antinausea agent, for morning sickness, motion sickness, or post surgical nausea.  We also use it in pain relief blends to stimulate circulation.    This is the Ginger extract most recommended for anti-nausea effects.

See the certificate of analysis here, to compare to the distilled Ginger Oil.


Ginger CO2
15 ml     $16.00


Ginger can be an aphrodisiac and has been used by some to treat male impotence.

Ginger blends well with the citrus oils, and the woods or resins.

To ease an upset stomach or heartburn, we usually add one drop of Ginger oil, mixed into a teaspoon of honey in a cup. Fill with hot water, stir, and drink. Instant Ginger Tea!

Ginger essential oil is a frequent additive to pain relief blends, since it brings warmth and stimulates circulation.

BLENDS WITH: Black Pepper, all citrus oils, Fennel, and Lemongrass, most woods and resins.

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