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Jasmine Absolute - Jasmine Oil


As Rose is traditionally known as the Queen of flowers, Jasmine is called the King. Jasmine is the ultimate aphrodisiac oil.  It is an essential for anyone with an interest in perfumery, but offers much more than just a lovely exotic aroma.  Many master perfumers state that Jasmine Absolute can blend well with any other oil or absolute, bringing a lush sensuality to any perfume formulation. Jasmine oil is a necessary ingredient in any aromatic Love Potion.

Learn about the physical and emotional effects of Jasmine oil, find descriptions and ordering information on three different species of Jasmine Absolutes, and see a list of suggested blends using your new Jasmine Oil.


Emotional Effects of Jasmine Oil:

It is in its emotional uses that Jasmine truly shines. Almost every authority recommends Jasmine Absolute as a powerful natural aphrodisiac, especially for those who lack confidence in their own sexuality. Battaglia says that it is as powerful an antidepressant as Ylang Ylang, Basil and Melissa. Fischer-Rizzi says Jasmine helps diminish fear and build self-confidence and optimism.  I have seen Jasmine Absolute recommended in combatting several of the "negative" emotions - anger, jealousy, suspicion, etc. 

Jasmine is often associated with the second (sacral) chakra.


Physical Uses for Jasmine Absolute:

Jasmine is often recommended for use during childbirth. It is said to strengthen contractions, relieve uterine pain, and aid post-natal recovery.  It is also recommended by some as a hormone balancer, and soothing with menstrual pain. It is often used in skin care, especially in the treatment of dry or aggravated skin. Many use it in treating eczema and dermatitis, however it can be sensitizing and I'd not recommend using it on broken skin. For further information please see our Aromatherapy and Childbirth page.


JASMINE ESSENTIAL OIL - the sad truth.

There truly is no Jasmine Essential Oil.  By definition, an essential oil is produced by distillation.  The fragile Jasmine blossoms do not yield their aromatic treasures by the process of steam distillation, but only by solvent extraction.  For more information about the various ways essential oils and absolutes are produced, please see our Essential Oil  Extraction page.  Personally I would be very suspicious of any vendor claiming to offer Jasmine Essential Oil.  There is no such thing.


ORDER Jasmine Absolute:

Varieties of Jasmine Absolute Currently Available:

Nature's Gift offers three varieties of Jasmine Oil:

All three are available pure and undiluted, or diluted to 10% in Fractionated Coconut Oil, ready to wear as a pulse point perfume, to add a few drops to the bath, or further dilute for a sensual massage.

You may also order our Bouquet of Jasmine, 5 ml bottles of our three absolutes, all in skinsafe 10% dilution on our Kits page.


Jasmine Grandiflorum Blossom

Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

Jasminun grandiflorum India,Organically grown, Solvent Extracted.

In my opinion, this is the softest, sweetest, more traditionally "floral" absolute.

Jasmine Grandiflora Absolute is much more widely known than the Sambac described below. It is the Jasmine grown in Europe and Northern Africa, and usually the specimen grown in the US. The Grandiflora is much more commonly used in perfumery than its rarer cousin.

Jasmine Grandiflora's aroma is softer, more gentle, and less exotic than that of the Sambac. As the Sambac blossoms seem to capture the mystery of the night and the moonlight, the dawn-blooming Grandiflora seems to carry the essence of a bright new day.

A softer, somehow more feminine aroma.... The English language seems to lack the vocabulary to truly describe the differences between these so similar aromas. You must experience both and form your own descriptions.

Side note: A noted British expert on aromatics sampled some of our Jasmine Absolute on a recent trip to the US. He declared it the "finest Jasmine he had ever experienced."

Perfume writer Victoria, of Bois de Jasmine, writes of our Jasmine Grandiflora:

Jasmine Grandiflorum

I have to preface my description to say that jasmine is my favourite scent, but I nearly gave up trying to find jasmine essential oil that would capture the true beauty of its blossoms.  What a pleasant surprise here!  Upon opening of the bottle, the scent rising from its rim is both opulent and exotic. It sings clearly, unobscured by heavy indoles that are often present in jasmine oil, making the scent seem too animalistic.  This oil is just a clear veil of jasmine blossoms falling from the sky.  Yet, the powerful sensuality underscores the sweet, slightly fruity accord.  The fruity note becomes more obvious the further the oil is diluted. It is reminiscent of summer fruit, perhaps sweet melon, lacking any acidity.  While it is very faint, it adds a very special elegance and evokes sun drenched blossoms.  Simply magnificent! 

Bliss Bath, our luxurious powdered bath oil, made with Jasmine Grandiflora may be found on our Aromatic Baths page.


Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

2 ml $31
5 ml $62
15 ml $124


Jasmine Grand 10%

5 ml $15
15 ml $30


Jasmine Sambac Absolute

Jasminun officianalis sambac India, Organically grown, Solvent Extracted.

Sometimes called "Arabian Jasmine" or "Chinese Jasmine"

To my nose, this is the Jasmine with the richest, most heady aroma. If you are looking for an exotic scent, this is your choice! This particular offering is a new sampling of the Sambac, from a different supplier.

How to compare the three Jasmine essences we offer? The opening notes of Jasmine Sambac are heavy and sweet with a richness and mysterious depth. As the scent develops, there are fruity and floral and wood/leather notes...complex. Jasmine Sambac is a night blooming blossom, collecting the wisdom and mystery of the moonlight.

A group of friends were sampling these two Jasmines trying to describe the difference. Their considered opinion? It's a difference in gender...the Grandiflora is softer, more feminine; while the Sambac truly deserves the name "the King of Flowers".

Side note: 8000 individual blossoms (carefully hand picked) are required to produce one gram (approx one ml) of absolute. No bruised flowers may be used for extraction, since their aroma is ruined by bruising or mishandling.


Jasmine Sambac Absolute

2 ml $30
5 ml $60
15 ml $120


Jasmine Sambac 10%

5 ml $15
15 ml $30


Jasmine Blossom - Jasmine auriculatus

Jasmine auriculatum

Jasminun auriculatus India, Organically cultivated, Solvent Extracted.

This much lesser known Jasmine has been a total delight to all of us here.  The experts describe it as having a rich, gardenia-like aroma.  I'm not so sure of that.  It is floral, but with a rich rounded fruity aroma and just a hint of spice underlying the radiant floral notes.  Even those of us who normally find our other jasmine species a bit too lush for our taste fell in love with this.   Among the women of Nature's Gift, this is the universal favorite. 

Victoria, of Bois de Jasmine, writes of our Jasmine auriculatum:

Although it is lesser known, Jasmine Auriculatum is a very exciting specimen with an unexpected touch of darkness. Ornamented by green herbal notes, it possesses a more austere character than the more familiar tropical fruit laden Jasmine Grandiflorum and much greener Jasmine Sambac.  The dark undercurrent tempers the opulent richness of jasmine, letting the scent vacillate between barely opened gardenia buds and tuberose blossoms, all the while remaining bold and spicy.Thank you for letting me try it. It is truly beautiful!"


Jasmine auriculatum Absolute

2 ml $31
5 ml $62
15 ml $125


Jasmine auriculatum 10%

5 ml $16
15 ml $32


Which Jasmine Oil to buy?

Not sure which of our Jasmine oils is right for you?  Request free samples of all three at checkout, in the "comments" section. Or, if you aren't ready to place an order for any of our other products, please visit our Sample Request Page. (We regret that we can no longer supply samples at no cost unless they are being shipped with an order.  We have to charge a handling fee for sample requests that do not accompany an order.)


Jasmine Absolute blends with:

Jasmine Absolute blends well with Bergamot, Clary, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Orange, Mandarin, Neroli, Palma Rosa, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Jasmine and Ginger make a wonderful aphrodisiac blend. Jasmine oil is usually used as a middle or base note in perfume blending.  I especially recommend blending Jasmine Grandiflora Absolute with Bergamot...the resulting synergy is comforting, soothing and yet uplifting at the same time.


Aromatherapy and Perfume Blends using Jasmine Absolute:

  Happiness Blend  from John Kerr, editor of Aromatherapy Today:

Sweet orange   3 drops
Spearmint   4 drops
Jasmine Grandiflora   2 drops
Frankincense  4 drops

add to bath, or to 50 ml water for spray... or in an aromalamp lamp

  PMS Blend - to tame "the crankies"

5 drops clary sage
2 drops jasmine sambac
4 drops geranium
8 drops lavender
2 drops fennel
3 drops vanilla bourbon
2 drops violet leaf
6 drops ylang ylang

blend into one ounce of carrier oil, rub onto abdomen (or wear as perfume!)

  Diffuser blend, from Wendy Robbins of Aromaweb:

1 drop of Jasmine Sambac
6 drops Sweet Orange or Blood Orange
3 drops Patchouli

This would make a wonderful solid perfume, as well.


  Comfort in the Storm

6 drops Bergamot FCF
2 drops Jasmine Grandiflora
2 drops Neroli

Use in diffuser, or dilute in carrier oil for perfume or massage.


  Tonight Josephine: (from Chrissy Wildwood's Erotic Aromatherapy)

2 drops Bergamot           
4 drops Jasmine absolute              
2 drops Lavender           
2 drops Petitgrain           

Blend into 15 mls of carrier oil. (or into one full ounce for massage.)

  Perfume to Calm Anxiety:

6 drops neroli
20 drops bergamot
2 drops rose otto
1 drop linden blossom
4 drops jasmine grandiflora absolute
2 drops ylang ylang

Add to two ounces of carrier,  or add a few drops to the aromalamp.


  'Bed Time Bath Blend for Anxiety and Depression:

Lavender 4 drops,
Jasmine Auriculatum 2 drops
Ylangylang Complete 2 drops. 
Blend into a tablespoon of honey or cream, add to warm bath.


  Dream Enhancer - for sweet dreams:

Equal parts Clary sage, Rose Otto, Jasmine Grandiflora , and Vanilla CO2.  Either add two drops of each to your aroma lamp or diffuser, or add to your bedtime bath.

  From a Nature's Gift Valentine's Newsletter:

Touch my Heart

(I can't find my source for this one, but it is truly lovely.)

5 drops Bergamot
2 drops Jasmine Grandiflora
4 drops Frankincense

I'd use close to two ounces of carrier if using this blend for a full body massage. (And remember to use Bergamot FCF if using on the skin.)  I'd prefer to use it in the aroma amp, though.



Last Fall Laurie Jeffries shared the following blend:

I just received my last order today and I can make my own favorite soul-nourishing blend now (equal parts ylang ylang complete, jasmine sambac, and rose maroc - sweet, fresh, warm and thoroughly delicious!!)

She calls it "soul nourishing"... I think it's sensuous and romantic!

Love Potion  Another Chrissie Wildwood favourite:

Our old friend Rick loved the following:

4  Jasmine Sambac
7   Indonesian Patchouli
4   Ginger   

Add to two ounces of Massage Oil, or use in the lamp. 

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