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Our hydrosols are packaged in a 4oz cobalt blue bottle, with an atomizer spray top. They make lovely gifts, for yourself, or someone special.

Please remember to store your precious hydrosols under refrigeration. True, natural hydrosol contain no preservatives so should be treated as perishable. We store them under refrigeration, and do our best to maintain sterility while rebottling, however if you plan on using any of these healing waters internally, we suggest you pasteurize them before use. Filtering through a fine filter (a coffee filter works beautifully) and slowly heating just to a very slow boil should insure sterility without damaging the healing elements.



Cucumis sativus, distilled in the USA from certified organic whole fruit.

Quantities are extremely limited.

This cucumber echoes the cool refreshing scent of the whole vegetable from with it is distilled, with almost a melonlike sweet note. Refreshing, cooling, crisply scented it makes a refreshing body splash when overheated.

(I was just corrected. Cucumbers are, I am told, a fruit, not a vegetable.)

Cucumbers are known for their anti-inflammatory soothing effects on the skin, and this is a wonderful soothing spray for summer rashes and itchies.  It is also highly recommended as a compress for red, sore tired eyes.  Just a few drops on cotton balls on your eyelids will leave them feeling soothed and "cool as a cucumber."

Susan Catty writes of Cucumber Hydrosol:

"Topically it cools and tones the skin, firming delicate tissue on the face, neck and decolletee. Use it in a compress to combat fine lines and diminish redness or mist throughout the day to keep skin cool, matte and fresh.

Use as an eye compress to reduce redness, puffiness and reduce wrinkles in delicate skin around the eyes.

Internally add a 1-2 teaspoons to a glass of water for a refreshing beverage, dilution just expands its field. Cucumber makes a great aperitif before meals as it reduces appetite and improves digestion.

On its own in water this hydrosol will flush and clean the renal system and reduce fluid retention, mixed with a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of honey you’ll have an electrolyte beverage that will fully hydrate the body."

She goes on to recommend Cucumber's emotional uses. Like my beloved Cistus essential oil, Cucumber moves fluids, and allows the tears to flow, freeing blocked emotions, washing away negative and harmful energies, and helping resolve past hurts and traumas.


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Cucumber Hydrosol
4 fl oz               $26.00






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