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Aromatherapy Bottles, Perfume Bottles, Droppers and Supplies

Essential Oil Bottles Atomizers and Pumps Massage Bottles - 4 oz One Oz Massage Bottles
Bail Jars White PET Jars Sample Vials Lip Balm Pots
Roll On Bottles LOTION PUMPS & Bottles Eyedroppers Pipettes
Inhalers - Therapeutic (Aromasticks) WHITE Inhalers - Therapeutic (Aromasticks) COLORED Deluxe Pocket/Personal Inhalers Oxygen Barrier
Scent Strips Bottle Sealing Tape Atomizer Tops SPA Bags
      Essential Oil Carrying Case 

Essential Oil Bottles

Necessities for your own blends and synergies. The same bottles we use for our essential oils and synergies. Please note the amber "shorties" hold 1/16th ounce and are ideal for "experimental" blends. The cobalt bottles have orifice reducers and white tops.

SAVE:  buy 12 for the price of 10.

2 ml = 1/16 fl oz.
5 ml = 1/6 fl oz.
15 ml = 1/2 fl oz.


15 ml Cobalt Glass w/ orifice reducer $1.99 ORDER
Buy 12 for the cost of 10 $19.99 ORDER
5 ml Cobalt Glass w/ orifice reducer 1.89 ORDER
12 for the cost of 10 18.99 ORDER
2 ml Amber Glass "shorties" 3 for $2.99 ORDER
Buy12 for the cost of   10 2 ml. 12 for $10.00 ORDER

4 oz Cobalt Plastic Atomizer Bottle

The atomizers we use for our Germbeater Spray and our Hydrosols.  Cobalt PET plastic to withstand diluted essential oils.  Your choice of a  white atomizer spray top or a white treatment pump (the pump we use with our facial and massage oils.)


Cobalt Plastic Bottle with Atomizer Top
4 oz           $2.99         ORDER

Cobalt PET Bottle  with Treatment Pump

4 oz           $2.99         ORDER

4 oz Plastic Bottles for Massage or Toiletries Blends

Cobalt PET Plastic bottles with white disk top lids for massage and facial blends of essential oils diluted in carrier oils. If you want a large quantity of these you may buy them much more affordably elsewhere, but we have had requests to make them available for "one stop shopping". These hold a generous four fluid ounces


12  Cobalt 4 Oz Plastic for the price of 10 $21.90 ORDER

1 oz Plastic Bottles for Massage blends

PET plastic with a white disk lid, the bottles we use for small quantities of our hydrosols. Clear PET plastic..  Set of three.



Three one oz Plastic bottles $2.99 ORDER
12 for the price of 10 $10.00 ORDER

Our new One Ounce cobalt PET massage oil bottles, now with a treatment pump.

Neater dispensing than the disk lids we used to use.  Perfect for one or two massage sessions, or to blend your own precious facial oils.  Set of three.

Cobalt One Oz Bottles
(Set of 3) with Treatment Pump


One Ounce Cobalt PET with Atomizers:

When we first started using the small Cobalt PET bottles with treatment pumps for our carrier oils, we made the empty bottles available to you.  We've had requests to offer them with atomizer tops, as well.   The atomizers cost us more, so the price for the set is a bit higher.

Cobalt One Oz Bottles
(Set of 3) with Atomizer


Atomizer Tops

Fit one oz plastic bottles and our four ounce PET plastic bottles, above.  Set of 4. Will need trimming for use in one ounce bottles. 20/410 neck.

Set of 4 Atomizer Tops


Because some people have been confused about the difference.  The treatment pump is on the left in this picture. It dispenses a few drops of facial oil, carrier or your chosen diluent.   The atomizer top is on the right and gives a fine mist spray. We use them for our room sprays and hydrosols.  Each is covered with the clear plastic cap at the side.  

Treatment Pumps - set of four

Will fit our four ounce and one ounce plastic Bullet Bottles, that we use for all of our carrier oils and diluents. (Will need trimming for the proper length for whichever bottle you use them with.) 20/410 neck.


Treatment Pumps
(Set of 4)


We have used these bottles for years with a lot of our soaps and cleansers, the lotion pump is my preferred dispenser. Suddenly, about a year ago, all the "normal" bottle suppliers stopped selling lotion pumps in the size we needed to fit a 4 ounce Boston Round.   PANIC.  One supplier was willing to place a special order with a manufacturer in China.  The process was complicated, and took months, but eventually we were able to order several thousand of these impossible to find pumps.  Then, since the pumps were not readily available, the BOTTLES became hard to source. We finally found a reliable source and brought in LOTS! 

If you are a small manufacturer wanting these for your product, contact me.  We can work out something.


4 oz Cobalt Boston Round w/ Lotion Pump
4 oz Cobalt Boston Round w/ Lotion Pump TWELVE for the price of TEN




We have always offered some of our lotions and creams in a four fluid ounce "Boston Round" PET bottle. Over the past year we have found it impossible to source more of the lotion pumps.  They are the ideal packaging for some of our products, so we faced a dilemma.   With the help of one of our suppliers, we had some custom made.   These fit a 4 ounce "Boston Round" bottle with a 20/410 neck.  As pictured, bottle NOT included.   These will be too short to use with a 4 ounce bullet bottle; they are cut to fit a 2 and 4 ounce Boston Round.




Lotion Pump 20/410 precut
(Set of  4)


Frosted Glass Roller Ball Bottles:

Our traditional frosted glass roll-on bottles. Pretty for oil-based perfumes or anointing oils.   Holds 10 ml.  Order individually, or buy a package of 12 for the price of 10.

The height of the sealed bottle is 3 1/4 inches.  Assembly is simple, just place the roll-on assembly onto the filled bottle, place the cap over the roller, and screw on. This will secure the roller ball into the bottle and seal the cap at the same time.  Buy singles, or a set of a dozen.


Frosted Glass Roller Ball Bottle
1 10 ml bottle    $2.99
Frosted Glass Roller Ball Bottle
12 10 ml bottles    $29.90

Deluxe Personal Inhaler

Decorative small pocket aromatherapy inhaler for purse or pocket, to hold your favorite oil or blend. When you need the effects, but don't want to wear the scent, this is your solution.
Pretty little inhalers contain a glass vial, stuffed with cotton to absorb the oils, and sealed.  Use the included tiny dropper to add your chosen oil or blend through the holes at the top.  We've used them for our SineEase synergy, some allergy sufferers use our Blue Tansy Oil, one pregnant mommie uses our Happy Morning synergy.  I'm using one with FluFoil.   When the inhaler's scent starts to fade, just add more of your chosen oil or blend through the tiny holes in the top.

Try as we may, we've never been able to make them leak.  Individual colors may be selected from the dropdown list in the shopping cart. Available in Light Silver, Pewter, Magenta, Green, Burgundy and Black.  You may select the color you want from the dropdown list in the shopping cart

3 1/8 inches long.

(Not sure what to fill the inhaler with? See our lists of healing blends and synergies, or our alphabetical list of essential oils. Clicking on the name of each oil will take you to a full description of its safe and appropriate uses.)


Deluxe Personal Inhaler

Deluxe Pocket Inhaler

Changeable!  Create your own "smelling salts" with these refillable inhalers.  Inside the handsome case is a small glass vial.  Fill with sea salt (for smelling salts) or a twist of a cottonball, and saturate with your favorite essential oil or blend.  When it's time to change to a different oil, just empty, wash with alcohol to remove all trace of the oil, and refill.

We have been unable to order the refillable/changeable inhalers for several years and are delighted to make them available.

Available in Red, Gold, and Lavender. Please select from dropdown list in the shopping cart when ordering.


Deluxe Pocket Inhalers


Plastic Inhaler Blanks (Sometimes called "Aromasticks")

Create your own convenient pocket inhalers for your favorite essential oil or blend.  Ideal for headache relievers, sinus pain relievers, energizers, destressers, any application that works well strictly by inhalation.

Similar to some well known "brand name" inhalers used for sinus congestion. 

Please note, these are made of food grade plastic and are of commercial/hospital grade. We have heard stories of other inhalers being difficult to fill, dripping, leaking, in general not being either convenient or safe to use.  We sell these by the gross to hospitals all over the US for their complementary medicine programs.  They are the quality you and your family deserve.

See one assembled with our SineEase Synergy on our Physical Synergies page.

NEW - Colored Inhaler Blanks

The same food grade heavy plastic and surgical cotton core.  Made in North America, not imports from China.  The same quality inhaler that we have been distributing to hospitals and professionals for years.  Now in Lavender and Black.  (The manufacturer had sent us samples of red, green, blue and yellow inhaler blanks. We were ecstatic, but, to everyone's disappointment, the manufacturer's extensive testing showed that the more exciting colors could not stand up to the essential oils. Although we are disappointed not to have a fuller range of colors, we applaud their high quality standards.

Plastic Inhaler Blanks

1 @ $1.75

Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12)           $21.00



Lavender Inhaler Blanks

1 @ $1.75

Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12)           $21.00



Black Inhaler Blanks

1 @ $1.75

Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12)           $21.00


Larger quantities available, please email us at
orderdesk  @   naturesgift.com 


Lip Balm Pots

Package of four. For your lip balms or salves, a tiny 5 ml clear plastic jar.

 0.2 fl oz, Clear Polystyrene Lip Balm Jar with Clear Lid. Perfect for lip balms, serums, solid perfumes, balms, salves, our new Floral Waxes. tiny travel sizes of your favorite products, the list of uses is unlimited!

We've reduced the cost of our package of four form $5.99 to $4.00

Also available in a Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12.)


Lip Balm Pots
4 @ $4.00


Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12)           $12.00


PET Bail Jars for Scrubs, Salts, Balms, etc.Clear Plastic Bail Jar

Clear PET Plastic Bail Jars - shower and tub safe - to hold your richest bath concoctions. These are the same jars that Origins (tm) uses for their salt scrub. The ultimate packaging for gifts, products, or your own bath treats. Holds over 16 oz (570 ml).

FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING ON BOXES OF SIX OR NINE (Will ship separately from the rest of your order!) No other Nature's Gift discount may apply to the multiple jar sets.



PET Bail Jar $6.59 ORDER
9 Bail Jars FREE S&H $55.99 ORDER
6 Bail Jars FREE S&H $39.39 ORDER

White PET Plastic Jars

The same jars we use for our smaller sized balms, whipped butters, etc.  Perfect for your own balms and salves.  Four fluid ounce and one fluid ounce.  Order one of either size, or order six for the price of five.


4 ounce PET jar   ONE  $1.99   
4 ounce PET jar  SIX  $9.95  


1 ounce PET jar   ONE  $1.69   
1 ounce PET jar  SIX  $8.45  





You've heard us talk about protecting our essential oils by storing them under a nitrogen blanket, to prevent oxidation. 

Our supplier has produced a line especially for us...the Nature's Gift Oxygen Barrier....a safe, inert blend of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon, to pouf on top of half empty bottles of essential oils to protect them from the oxygen. in the air.

These are the bottles that stand on every desk in our pouring room to preserve and protect our inventory.

One can is good for up to 600 uses.

As pictured, we use them on bulk bottles.  Please be aware that if you spray the inert gas on top of a FULL bottle, or a small (15 ml, for example) bottle the pressure of the gas might well cause a backsplash, wasting and/or spilling your precious oils.  I've seen the suggestion that, if you want to preserve a nearly full or very small bottle, remove the "straw" and pouf the blend of gases from the bottle top. 



Oxygen Barrier




Aromatherapy Sample Bottles for essential oils and blends

The same wee vials we use to send you your samples of our oils and synergies. Perfect for sharing your creations (or new purchases!) with friends, or for carrying your favorite blends in pocket or purse. Approximately one inch tall, these clear glass vials hold up to three quarters of a milliliter, 10 to 15 drops. Priced at $3.00 a baker's dozen.

Sample Vials

Pkg of 13 $3.00
Pkg of 50 $11.00
Pkg of 100 $19.00



A necessity to blend your own synergies, or add the correct number of drops to a bath or massage blend.

Please note - our eyedroppers are intended for measuring the oils only, not for use as "bottle caps."  Please do not attempt to store your oils with eyedropper tops on the bottles.


3 Glass Eyedroppers $3.99



These are the same pipettes we use in the blending room... six inch plastic pipettes that will measure a full three ml of oil or carrier. (Some sources of pipettes don't give you the size...I remember buying "six inch pipettes" from one prominent supplier and received needle thin pipettes that would only hold one ml when filled...far too thin in diameter to use with the thicker oils like Patchouli or my beloved Vetivers.) These work with all our oils and absolutes except for the thickest CO2 extracts.

The picture below compares our "Standard" pipette (six inches long, measuring 3 ml) to the "tiny" ones.  Approximately two inches, and measuring 1 ml.

Disposable Pipettes

Pkg of 12 $1.75
Pkg of 50 $5.50
Pkg of 100 $10.00
Pkg of 500




For some time now we've been packaging our 2 ml oils with teeny tiny pipettes for easier dispensing of just a drop or two. They fit neatly inside the hole in the orifice reducer and allow you to dispense an evenly measured drop, or two, or three.

You've asked us to make them available for your use.  (Yes, they are more expensive than our "regular" pipettes; they cost US a lot more. That makes no sense, but they do.) Available in packages of 12, and 100.


Tiny Pipettes

12 $2.50
100 $20.00



Essential Oil Carrying Case - Small

Soft purse sized case to carry five 5 or 15 ml bottles safely and conveniently.

Soft case with elastic to keep the bottles safe.  8" wide, 1" deep when zipped.


Small Carrying Case $12.99



Essential Oil Carrying Case - Large

Padded case with padding between each bottle will safely carry sixteen 5 and 15 ml bottles.

Case measures 5 x 5 inchs and is 3 inches tall.  Handle on the top to remind you to keep it upright.

Out of Stock
Large Carrying Case    


SPA BAGS - Small

The size we use for our Rosacea Travel Kit and several custom kits we provide some of our client hospitals.

5" x 4" x 1.5"  Zipper top.

(Products not included!)


Small  Spa Bag
Single Bag                 $1.79
Three Bags               $4.99

SPA BAGS - Large

The size bag we use for our Cleopatra's Secret Travel kit. 

6" x 7" x 1.5" deep. Zipper top and carrying handle.  Wonderful size for a travel kit, drop into an overnight bag or backpack.

Large Spa Bag
Single Bag                 $1.99
Three Bags               $5.49

Nature's Gift Scent Strips

Professional perfumers testing strips, for aromatic evaluation of oil samples. Touch the point of this heavy blotting paper testing strip to the oil you want to evaluate, and let it dry for just a moment, then smell...wait a few minutes, and experience the changes as the most volatile aromatic molecules escape. Over time, you can experience the dry down, and see how oils that smell similar in the bottle change and mutate over time. A must have for olfactory evaluation of individual oils and blends


Scent Strips
Package of 100
$7.99 ORDER

Bottle Sealing Tape

We've had a lot of requests for the tape that we use to seal bottles. It's flexible, easy to apply, stretches tight, and is easy to remove.  For those who can't find something similar locally, we've decided to make ours available.  The rolls are 3/4 inch high, by 66 feet long.    Available as a single roll, or in a package of three. 

Stretch Sealing Tape

1  roll $3.49
3 rolls $8.99




Nature's Gift Disclaimer
The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. The testimonials on this website are from individuals and do not guarantee or imply the same results.

Everything you read on this website is copyrighted.  If you would like to borrow our descriptions, please link back to the page from which they were borrowed.