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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Chamomile, Roman, France

Chamomile, Roman, France

  Clary Sage, France

Clary Sage, France

  Violet Leaf Absolute

Violet Leaf Absolute
Was $28.00, Now $25.20

Springtime Sales and New Beginnings!

New from France, a lovely ethically farmed Clary Sage, quite different in aroma and effect from our high sclareol USA grown, a beautiful ethically farmed Roman Chamomile oil, an amazing organic Belgian Angelica Root, Melissa from the United Kingdom (this year’s French crop failed due to too much rain, thank goodness for our British producer!) Just in time for spring, more Egyptian Violet Leaf Absolute, the soft green scent of spring. We also were able to get a large shipment of our Egyptian Geranium Oil. (Egyptian oils have been very difficult to source for the last year or more, so we are delighted to be able to restock to meet your projected needs.) From our Canadian distiller, more Scotch Pine and Balsam Fir oils. (Did you know that the pine and fir oils are wonderful in a diffuser for coughs and congestion, and safer for wee ones than the Eucalyptus family?) From Madagascar...Katafray (we had not planned on restocking this rare oil, but you asked for it) and Cinnamon Leaf. Finally, we were able to find a small amount of Organic Red Mandarine. Supplies on this are very limited. (It is becoming more and more difficult to stock organic coldpressed citrus oils!)

Spring Relaxers:

Oils high in esters are normally anti-spasmodic, calming and relaxing. Some are also anti-fungal. Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) contains many esters not found in any other oil and is the classic and traditional anti-spasmodic oil. Most esters are very fragrant, with sweet, fruity aromas. Most are known for their gentleness. Emotionally, they can help us adapt to stress in our lives. (We aren’t stressed by this unseasonably long winter, not us!) This month save 10% on 15 ml sizes of all the oils listed below:

Some of our favorite oils that are high in esters: Anthemis Nobilis ... we have two, our English Chamomile and our new French Roman Chamomile. Other favorites: our new French Clary Sage, higher in linalyl acetate and other esters than our USA grown specimen, Organic Bergamot (high in Linalyl Acetate), the unique USA Artemisia ludoviciana type latiloba CT Esters, commonly known as Owyhee, and our lighthearted Bergamot Mint.

Rites of Spring Sale:

Summon Springtime by saving 10% on the oils that most remind us of spring time: our new Violet Leaf Absolute, Galbanum, with the rich aroma of the air in a greenhouse, and Nepalese Rhododendron.

Save 20% on the 20th:

To celebrate our 20th year online each month we are offering a savings of 20% on certain categories of products. This month, on the 20th, the sale categories will be retail sized (15 ml and smaller) Essential Oils E-F and G-H. Simply use the discount code “anniversary” and you will see your discounted price reflected online. Thank you for continuing to let us do what we love!

Sharing Forward: Charity of the Quarter

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MOMS: Midwives on Missions of Service travel to the poorest parts of the world to share information on safer pregnancies and birthing methods, to help improve the lives of women and children. MOMS is a non-profit, non-denominational organization whose purpose is to improve maternal health through education and service. To read more about our Sharing Forward, click here.


Hint of the Day

Cape Chamomile is extremely high in esters, making it a go-to oil for stress relief and relaxation.

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