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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Featured Products

White Blossoms Portable Perfume

White Blossoms Portable Perfume
Was $25.00, Now $22.50

  Rose Bliss Bath

Rose Bliss Bath
Was $45.00, Now $40.50

  Bouquet of Jasmine

Bouquet of Jasmine
Was $28.00, Now $25.20

February Sales and Savings!

Our three “portable perfumes” Orange Blossom, Rosy Dreams, and White Blossoms — and our favorite samplers — Sandalwood Ready to Wear, Bouquet of Roses, and Bouquet of Jasmine are all featured this month. Also, soothe winter ravaged skin with our best anti-inflammatory hydrosols: Helichrysum and German Chamomile. And for the ultimate in pampering — our Bliss Bath Collection. All at 10% off.

Save 20% on the 20th:

We are continuing to celebrate our 20th anniversary online: on the 20th of every month we are offering a 20% off discount on a different category of products. This month, on February 20th, to help ease winter dried skin, the sale will be on our Carrier Oils, Infused Oils, and Butters. Use the promo code “twenty” and save 20%.

FOUND in Inventory and Close Outs:

Every year we discover some things that we had lost track of.

Focus Synergy: At one time we offered some of these in 1 fluid ounce bottles. We found some. Our BEST blend of oils for mental alertness and focus. A great study blend! Normally $42, on sale for $30.

Expressed Lime Oil: We don’t OFFER cold pressed (expressed) Lime oil because it is such a potent photosensitizer. I goofed, in ordering. We were able to return most of it, but a few bottles had been poured. Please don’t even think about using it in a blend for topical use...but for diffusing? It is yummy! My old friend Rick used to like to blend Lime and Lemon oils to diffuse...he called it “Limon.” He would have loved this! $7 for 15 ml.

Massage Blends: Not long ago we put together some specially commissioned midwife kits. They all contained some Lavender Massage Oil and some Frankincense Massage Oil. Somehow we blended more than we were needed, and there they sat. Skin safe low dilution. 15 mls (1/2 ounce), $5 each.

Agarwood (Oud, Aloewood): Aquilaria agallocha, wild grown, steam-distilled wood, India. Ten years ago we brought in a tiny amount of this rarity. At the time, I wrote: “Deep, woody, earthy, stable and strong...if rocks had roots they would smell like this distillation of agarwood. Amazingly tenacious. Aphrodisiac, unforgettable. The aroma speaks to your spirit for hours. A smidgeon on a scent strip lingers for hours, and reverberates inside our spirit. VERY limited supply. I can’t BELIEVE I found this rarity!” We tucked a bit away to age in a safe place. And promptly forgot where we had stored it. Found it while taking inventory. Some is being saved for the blends that call for it...the rest is available in a 10% dilution, in 5 mls only. We are making this available for the same price as in 2005. $90 for 5 mls, diluted.

Carnation Memories Perfume Blend: We will not be blending more, and there are only a small handful of 5 ml bottles left. If you have loved it, order while it lasts.

See our Current Newsletter for more special sales, an opportunity to participate in a research project, plus recipes for blends for romance and relaxation on Valentine’s Day, comments from our clients. Plus a special gift for a client on the 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Sharing Forward: Charity of the Quarter

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MOMS: Midwives on Missions of Service travel to the poorest parts of the world to share information on safer pregnancies and birthing methods, to help improve the lives of women and children. MOMS is a non-profit, non-denominational organization whose purpose is to improve maternal health through education and service. To read more about our Sharing Forward, click here.


Hint of the Day

For an aromatic, sleep-encouraging bath before bedtime, use 4 drops Roman Chamomile, 2 drops any Lavender oil, 4 drops Neroli, and 2 drops Sweet Marjoram.

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