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Natures Gift Aromatherapy Products, Aromatherapy, Madison, TN
Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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After the Bite   After the Bite
  • Ease sting and itch of “bug bites.”
  • Safe for 2 and over.
  • Helpful for "itchies"
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BackEase Synergy   BackEase Synergy
  • Ease perception of Joint Pain
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Ages Teen through adult
A blend for easing the perception of pain with joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, rheumatism, etc. 5 ml.
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Deep Breath   Deep Breath
  • Designed for bronchial and respiratory problems
  • Available as synergy (5 and 15 mls) or inhaler.
  • Ages 10 up
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FLAME-Out Massage Blend   FLAME-Out Massage Blend
  • Our strongest anti-inflammatories, ready to use.
  • Popular pain reliever
  • 1/2 oz dropper bottle, one and four oz massage blends
  • Ages teen through adult
  • learn more

Flu Foil   Flu Foil
  • Our favorite antiviral oils!
  • Best diffused. Fresh, non-medicinal aroma
  • Ages 6 and up when diffused
  • learn more

Happy Dreams   Happy Dreams
  • Relaxing and anti-anxiety
  • Sleep Inducing
  • Gentle enough for babies, effective for adults
  • Safe for all ages when diffused
  • learn more

Happy Morning Anti-Nausea   Happy Morning Anti-Nausea
  • Nurse-approved, research based anti-nausea blend.
  • For morning sickness, car sickness, or post surgical nausea.
  • Inhaler OR our 5 ml Synergy.
  • ages six and up by inhalation
  • learn more

KleenHandz Gel   KleenHandz Gel
  • The natural version of a hand sanitizer
  • Gentle Aloe gel with tea tree and lavender
  • Ravintsara for antiviral effects
  • Safe for age six and up
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Marge’s Miracle Blend   Marge’s Miracle Blend
  • BackEase Synergy, in St. Johns Wort
  • Designed to ease the perception of nerve and joint pain.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Ready to apply
  • One fluid oz, or 10 ml roll-on
  • Teens to adults
  • learn more

    MERCY Soap or Treatment Gel   MERCY Soap or Treatment Gel
    • Laboratory tested
    • proven effective against MRSA.
    • Aloe based Gel or Castile based Body Wash
    • Now in a travel-size roll-on bottle for direct application (PLEASE do not share, for obvious reasons).
    • Teen through adult at this dilution
    learn more

    MuscleEase   MuscleEase
    • Unique massage blend for overworked muscles
    • Ages 10 and up
    • learn more

    NoNitz Detangler 4 oz Spray   NoNitz Detangler 4 oz Spray
    A gentle, after shampoo conditioning spray, designed to banish tangles and 'unwanted visitors'. learn more

    NoNitz Hair Care Sampler   NoNitz Hair Care Sampler
    A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo, and after shampoo detangler spray, enriched with our NoNitz Synergy, designed to keep “unwanted visitors” at bay. learn more

    NoNitz Shampoo 4 oz   NoNitz Shampoo 4 oz
    A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo, enriched with our NoNitz Synergy, designed to keep ‘unwanted visitors’ at bay. learn more

    NoNitz Synergy   NoNitz Synergy
    A blend of Nerolina and Tea Tree essential oils for “common children’s hair problems.” learn more

    Ravensara Aromatica in Calophyllum   Ravensara Aromatica in Calophyllum
    • Ravensara aromatica in a 25% dilution in a base of Calophyllum inophyllum carrier oil
    • For use against shingles and other herpes infections.
    • Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, pain relieving

    SineEase   SineEase
    • Soothing blend designed to relieve sinus pain and congestion
    • Best used by direct inhalation
    • Agest 10 through Adult
    learn more

    SkeeterBeater Body Oil   SkeeterBeater Body Oil
    • Our famous Skeeter Beater synergy diluted in Jojoba oil.
    • Ages 10 and above
    • Avoid during pregnancy and lactation
    • learn more

    SkeeterBeater Gel   SkeeterBeater Gel
    • Our famous Skeeter Beater in cooling aloe vera gel.
    • Ages 10 and up
    • On Safari, we are told it repels tsetse flies
    • Avoid during pregnancy or lactation
    • learn more

    SleepEase Synergy   SleepEase Synergy
    • Relaxing sleep-inducer.
    • Ages six and up, if diffused
    learn more

    Stimulating Scalp Oil   Stimulating Scalp Oil
    • A tested and proven effective blend for regrowing hair when hair loss is caused by alopecia.
    • Often helpful for other types of hairloss.
    • Massage in at night, shampoo out in the morning.
    • Ages 10 and up
    • learn more

    Sunburn Soother   Sunburn Soother
    • Soothing blend to ease the pain of sunburn or other burns.
    • Aloe plus Jojoba
    • Skinsoothing oils of German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Lavender
    • Researched at a cancer center for post radiation treatment
    • Helpful for any kind of burn
    learn more

    That’s Better!   That’s Better!
    • Our Arnica Infused Oil with Helichrysum italicuum and Kunzea added for pain relief.
    • Now available in a convenient roll-on for pain relief when and where you need it.
    • Great pain reliever for bumps, bruises,injuries
    • Ages 6 and older
    • learn more

    Trauma Oil   Trauma Oil
    • To aid in the healing of almost any kind of physical trauma.
    • Arnica Infused oil plus
    • Calendula infused Oil plus
    • St. John's Wort Oil
    • Traditional herbal remedy
    • Powerful alone, or add appropriate essential oils
    • Safe for ages 2+
    learn more

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