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  Chili CO2 (no ratings yet)
CO2 extraction of Capsicum frutescens (otherwise known as Tabasco Pepper or Cayenne Pepper.) Organically grown in Uganda,Co2 Extract produced in Germany. Stabilized with about 30% organic Rapeseed Oil. Extracted from dried fruits with seeds.


For years we had avoided bringing in this extremely potent extract for reasons of safety.  However, Madeleine Kerkhof teaches it in her CO2 course, and it will be in her forthcoming book, so we decided it should be available. Available full strength, undiluted, by special order.  We are not comfortable making the undiluted extract available to the general public.  If you have a use for it, or would prefer to dilute your own, please contact us.   We are marking it Out of Stock in our shopping cart.  It is not out of stock, but it also is not an oil for the casual user. Contact us if you wish to purchase. We'll make it happen.

Of all our offerings, Chili CO2 needs using with the most caution.   We do not recommend inhalation, or any sort of internal use. Topical use only.  For prolonged topical use on adults we recommend using at a 0.1% dilution. For very temporary use on a small local area and for just a few days you might be able to go up to a 0.5% (one half of one percent) dilution.  A reminder, if you measure by the drop, a 0.5% dilution would be THREE drops of CO2 extract to one fluid ounce of carrier oil.    A 0.1% dilution would use three drops of CO2 extracts to FIVE fluid ounces of carrier oil. 

When blending we urge the use of gloves, goggles, and facial mask to protect your mouth.   Jim wore all of the above while measuring it in, and will probably pour it outside, to protect all of us from its fumes. Also, the manufacturer recommends warming the Chili CO2 extract to 104 ° Farenheit before using, to totally blend the components.

Why would anyone offer an oil with such obvious risks?  Because, in proper dilution, Chili CO2 is an amazing remedy for localized neuropathic pain. It is a powerful skin irritant and needs use with caution, but in cases of nerve pain it may bring ease when nothing else does.

Side note, this extract is also available “decolorized” but we thought its angry red color might help remind you of its power, and the naturally occurring beta-carotene might help protect the skin.

Avoid use with children and during pregnancy. EXTREME skin irritant. DEFINITELY keep way from children, pets, anyone curious and unaware of its potency.

We are offering this potent extract in a 0.5% dilution in Fractionated Coconut oil.  For long term use or for use on sensitive skin or larger portions of the body, please further dilute. One part of this Diluted CO2 to FOUR parts of your chosen carrier oil.  Yes, it is this potent, and we want you to be safe.

Batch #UG-071119


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A 0.5% (1/2 of one percent) dilution ofCapsicum frutescens (otherwise known as Tabasco Pepper or Cayenne Pepper. Organically grown in Uganda,Co2 Extract produced in Germany. Stabilized with about 30% organic Rapeseed Oil. Extracted from dried fruits with seeds. Diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil. learn more

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