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  Frankincense Black Sacra Infused Oil
Rare Boswellia sacra,black wild-harvested in Oman, infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil by an artisan craftsman in the USA. The traditional Frankincense used for millennia. (Sacra Black)


For more about Frankincense Oils, including their physical and emotional benefits, click here to read about About Notable Essential Oil Collections.

We had a LOT of Frankincense black sacra essential oil, what I had projected to be a full year's supply....and it sold out quickly!  Our young infusion wizard managed to come up with a small amount of the resin and infused it for us.  He sent a sample and it enraptured us all.  This is very special and very rare! 

Customer Reviews

  • 4 Best Frankincense for us

    Posted by Amy from Virginia on 06/17/2019

    Let me start by saying I have a healthy dislike of pretty much every Frankincense out there. They all smell like somebody left gym socks in a dank duffle bag for months. Some MLM told me I "needed" it because I was repulsed by it. What a bunch of bologna!!

    I do however, need it. For the blends I make my daughter. So when Marge started raving about this one and the scent, I decided to try it.

    I have finally found the ONE and ONLY Frank I like. It smells amazing. It has these beautiful notes in it and my daughter’s blends all end up so much better for the addition of it. I will diffuse this one as well, it is well loved by the family. Thank you Marge for having this lovely Frankincense on hand.

    (Amy, I’m glad that you found a Frankincense you enjoy, but please, don’t diffuse the infused oil. The fixed oil it is infused in will gum up your diffuser, honest. Next time you order request samples of our black sacra distilled oil, and of our Frankincense Rivae. Either of them might suit your taste, and be safe for diffusing if you fall in love.)

  • 5 Hug in a bottle

    Posted by Kelly from Arizona on 11/20/2020 Verified Purchase

    First of all, I bought this by mistake not realizing it was infused with coconut oil. It was an excellent mistake to make! I added three or four drops of Nature’s Gift’s lavender essential oil to the bottle. If I could dangle this under my nose all day long, it would make me very happy. I apply it topically and on my pillowcase at night (FYI might stain pillowcase). I’ve also added a few drops to the inside of my mask and it helps me stay focused.

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