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  Frankincense Sacra Infused Oil (no ratings yet)
Boswellia sacra, wild-harvested in Oman, infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil by an artisan craftsman in the USA. The traditional Frankincense used for millennia. (Sacra Silver)


For more about Frankincense Oils, including their physical and emotional benefits, click here to read about About Notable Essential Oil Collections.

If you love our Boswellia sacra (Somalian) Frankincense oils, you will fall head-over-heels for this perfume strength infusion. It has all the aroma and “presence” of our finest Sacra (Sacred) distillation, with the added emotional and physical benefits of Incensole Acetate and Boswellic Acid.  (Boswellic acid has been studied for a myriad of physical healing effects, but it does not occur in the steam distilled oil nor the CO2 extraction.)

The infusion is Boswellia sacra silver/white resin finely powdered and infused in odorless, colorless fractionated coconut oil, then carefully strained and bottled for your pleasure.   Aromatically, it seems stronger than a 10% dilution of our Sacra Oil.  Wear it alone on pulse points, use it as a base for perfume (amazing longevity on the skin!) or further dilute to use as a body oil.

Frankincense from Nature’s Gift is the essential oil that miraculously made its way to Christi way back in 2003 while she was staying at a New Mexico monastery, and ultimately led her home to Tennessee.  She had no way of knowing that two years later she would be working at Nature’s Gift! 

It is a special oil, intimating sacred ritual space reminiscent of celebratory worship or intentional prayer or meditation. 

This infusion is the Frankincense referred to in sacred scriptures of many faiths; it is the Frankincense of the Bible.  Ground and infused in oils or fats, Frankincense resin was considered a cure-all.  For ingestion, beads of Frankincense Sacra were left to stand in water or wine overnight.  (The essential oil did not exist in Biblical times, since steam distillation as we know it today was not yet in use.)

We are contemplating using this glorious infusion for skincare, just a drop or two added to a teaspoon of cream or lotion.  You may also add it to any facial serums you choose.  Christi has successfully experimented with it for small areas of dry skin such as the top of the hands, elbows, and heels, applying in the evening after a bath or just before bedtime. 

A drop in the palms...rub them together, inhale to focus (or de-focus?) for meditation.  Dilute way down for a calming and relaxing after-bath oil.  Ahhhh...can’t think of a better way to drift off to sleep.  

A young friend recently experienced all of our Frankincense infusions, and wrote this of our Sacra Silver, "This infusion smells just like the Sacra essential oil I have. A combination of floral, resin, and light wood, but dries down a touch more woodsy and resinous as the powdery floral notes disappear. It smells like the definition of captured sunshine. I've noticed that my spirit guides respond with much more clarity while meditating with this infusion. Shedding light on things hidden in the dark. Some I knew were there because of suppressing them, and others new to me. This infusion is a great tool for self discovery, and improvement." 


Read how we came to be able to make this beauty available in our Blog.

History of Frankincense Sacra, including the traditional infusion:

Frankincense sacra was imported into China via trade routes originating in what was then known as Southern Arabia, and was used in traditional Chinese medicine to move stagnant qi, activate the blood, alleviate swelling and pain in congested joints, and aid in tissue repair.

In the Arabian peninsula, including parts of Somalia, Yemen, and Oman, Boswellia sacra groves and the rights to tap them have been passed down through families for thousands of years. Often used as a remedy to improve digestion and to soothe skin problems, Boswellia sacra resin was ground into powder and infused into oil to anoint the skin; “pearls” or “tears” of frankincense were infused into water or wine as an aid to digestion .

The ancient Greek biographer Plutarch described a fantastical use of frankincense after the death of the Roman tyrant Sulla in 78 B.C. Along with funeral gifts of gold and silver, over 200 pallets of frankincense and cinnamon were burned at his pyre. Plutarch also describes a giant statue of Sulla that was fashioned entirely of molded frankincense resin and cinnamon. (Plutarch, The Parallel Lives,published in Vol. IV of the Loeb Classical Library edition, 1916).

The Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to frankincense as “the sweat of the Gods fallen to earth.” We can see why the ancients thought this!

Pliny the Elder, the ancient Roman author and historian, wrote a 37 volume encyclopedia called “The Natural History”, which described astronomy, zoology, art, and botany in the first century C.E. In Book XII, Chapter 32, Pliny describes the growth, harvesting, grading and trading of frankincense. The ancients, no matter their culture or religious beliefs, all revered frankincense.


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