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  Happy Morning Anti-Nausea (no ratings yet)
  • Nurse-approved, research based anti-nausea blend.
  • For morning sickness, car sickness, or post surgical nausea.
  • Inhaler OR our 5 ml Synergy.
  • ages six and up by inhalation

  • Quantity:

Newly redesigned.  We learn more, and we improve our products.  We have substituted the ginger essential oil that we have used for years with our much  more powerfully effective Ginger CO2 Total.  We have also added a bit of Lemon Essential oil to my beloved Red Mandarine, because of new research showing the effectiveness of Lemon oil as an anti-emetic.  Then we tweaked and balanced the proportions until it smells YUMMY.  

Morning sickness is miserable, pure and simple. We've been looking at solutions that would be both effective and safe for the pregnant woman and the fetus. We thought of Peppermint, but there are those who advise avoiding it during pregnancy. Ginger is wonderfully effective, but the aroma of Ginger Essential Oil can be—offputting. So I turned to the groups of nurse-aromatherapists who have been my mentors, and received several suggestions for a blend of Red Mandarine (a potent anti-nausea oil by itself) blended with Ginger Essential Oil.

We tried the blend and found it delightful, it smells like my favorite Mandarine Spice tea. Because both the components are skin irritants, I'd not use this blend topically, but for inhalation, either a drop on a tissue, or a few drops in an inhaler or in the bedside aromalamp. It's delightful, and a proven successful formula. (I wish I had known about this when Wendy was pregnant with Jack or Josh…or Kaitlinn, or JT! She suffered terribly with all-day sickness, not just morning sickness, and I know it would have helped her!)

Please note,  that although this blend is designed to deal with the misery of morning sickness, research and experience both indicate is should be helpful for car sickness, post surgical nausea,  any transient episode of nausea.  We are supplying it to several hospices and other institutions to deal with nausea among their clients.

Choose either a prepared inhaler OR the 5 ml synergy for diffusion in an aromalamp or nebulizing diffuser.

To read about oils useful during child birth visit our Aromatherapy Child Birth page.

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