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  Helichrysum Hydrosol
Helichrysum italicuum, organically grown, harvested, and distilled in the US


Helichrysum Essential Oil is the most powerfully anti-inflammatory essential oil, and an essential component in rosacea and bruise blends.

The gentler Helichrysum Hydrosol is the perfect toner for rosacea, couperose (thread veins), and inflamed or irritated skin.

It is a wonderful cool compress for bruises, as well. Having seen how wonderful Helichrysum Essential Oil is in healing scars, I'd suggest trying Helichrysum Hydrosol (perhaps blended with Carrot Seed Hydrosol?) for treating acne scars.

We've used it diluted (and sometimes mixed with Tea Tree Hydrosol) as a mouthwash after oral surgery or tooth extraction. Suzanne Catty recommends it as a mouthwash for gingivitis and/or receding gums.

If you often use Helichrysum Essential Oil, then Helichrysum Hydrosol is a must-have.

I've heard back from people using Helichrysum Hydrosol and Roman Chamomile Hydrosol together to sooth sunburns, radiation burns, rashes, and skin irritations of all types. One client raves about the combination in keeping eczema manageable. You may read some of their comments on our Helichrysum Healingpage. Additionally, Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes suggests it may be helpful for dry and itchy skin.

In spite of its cost, Helichrysum Hydrosol has traditionally been our best selling hydrosol, month in, month out. Nothing else that I know of is its match for gentle care for sensitive skin.

Our hydrosols are packaged in blue cobalt bottles with atomizer tops for ease of use. Hydrosols are perishable: keep refrigerated. For more information on how they're made and their uses, click here.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 This helichrysum hydrosol is fantastic!

    Posted by Susan from Connecticut on 09/06/2018 Verified Purchase

    My teen daughter who suffers from cystic acne has used helichrysum hydrosol as an after-cleansing toner and soother. Her skin has improved at least 50% in the number, size, and redness of cysts. She will not be without it!

    Marge’s Note: I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions for cystic acne, so thank you so much for sharing that! We are all delighted that it helped.

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