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  Monoi de Tahiti (no ratings yet)
The traditional, gardenia-infused coconut oil produced in Tahiti for our aromatic enjoyment.


The name “Monoi de Tahiti” designates the product made in French Polynesia and obtained by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in virgin coprah (Coconut) oil. Coconuts of the Cocos nucifera variety must be grown on coral soil and harvested at a mature stage to yield the base for the floral infusion.

Tiare flowers (Gardenia taitensis), handpicked as buds, must be used within 24 hours of harvesting. According to local tradition, the maceration must last a minimum of 10 days and requires at least ten Tiare flowers per liter of refined oil. © Monoi Institute

This is, to date, the only cosmetic product carrying an “appellation contrôlée,” proof of origin, similar to fine wines in France. Much of the so-called Monoi oil I see online is coconut oil  with “essence of gardenia” (whatever that means). Nothing is “added” to true Monoi. Fresh Tiare Gardenia blossoms are infused over at least a 10 day period in virgin copra (coconut) oil. Ours is infused for at least 12 days.

The delicate gardenia fragrance lingers on skin or in hair for hours. Soft, subtle, and beautiful. Monoi de Tahiti has centuries of use as a hair and skin care oil, giving softness and luster to hair by revitalizing the hair fibers and smoothing the keratin scales.

Michelle tested a sample of our new Monoi de Tahiti as a hair mask ... spritzed her wildly curly but very dry hair with hot water, rubbed in a small handful of Monoi, finger combing through to the ends, wrapped it up for a couple of hours, and shampooed. (In my day we would have called that a hot oil treatment, today it’s a “hair masque.”)  She raved about the results ... soft manageable hair, and a delicate scent that made her smile.

Monoi de Tahiti may be used as a body oil, a facial oil, a massage oil, the uses are almost endless. For dry skin Monoi de Tahiti has been show to penetrate and hydrate the skin quickly and prevent transdermal water loss.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil and Gardenia taitensis (Tahitian Gardenia, AKA Tiare) Flower Maceration.

Please note, this delightful oil, like our Virgin Coconut Oil, is solid at cool room temperature, but liquifies at body temperature. We debated whether to package in a bottle (you would have to warm in a cup of hot water to pour it) or in a jar. It WILL liquify if left outdoors in summer’s heat, or in a hot mail box. We are putting a label on the packaging to PLEASE refrigerate to solidify before opening.

JUNE 8, 2016: Due to some clients already saying that their Monoi de Tahiti liquified and leaked during shipment in jars, until we have reliably cool weather again, we are packaging the Monoi in bottles, rather than the jars we would have preferred. Please note that at cool room temperature the contents are solid. Stand the bottle in a cup of hot water to reliquify. If you would prefer to pour it into a jar for ease of use, we offer one and four ounce PET jars on our accessories page.

Flower image courtesy of: Forest & Kim Starr

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